Winona Ryder for Marc Jacobs Beauty

Back in 1994 Winona Ryder played the role of Lelaina Pierce in “Reality Bites” and I don’t know how often I danced across my then-bedroom to “My Sharona”, fully convinced I could be as cool as her I vaguely remember even giving myself her haircut. Winona’s career hasn’t been a straight road, every now and then she’d pinch a couple of objects in a mall and stupidly enough got caught. She let us wait a while for a truly fantastic movie but the dark times seem to be over: with a little help from your friends, we can now admire her fantastic bone structure in Marc Jacob’s new beauty campaign. She looks amazing, even if she’s not immediately recognizable. The images were taken by David Sims, Katie Grand did the styling, the eyeliner (which is what this campaign is all about) was applied by Diane Kendal, and Guida Palau did the hair. Inspiration was found in the movie “Last Year in Marienbad, in which the French woman Delphine Seyrig optically sets the tone. As historic as the 1961 story might be, the images were only published via Instagram. Marc Jacobs: a true master who easily juggles two worlds. #winona4ever