Photo Series: Flowers for Mother’s Day

Coral Charm Peony

For Mother’s Day, Gillian Henn, Ruby Barber and Robbie Lawrence created an adorable photo series with floral motifs

Flourishing news! In celebration of the nearing Mother’s Day on May 14, photo editor Gillian Henn, florist Ruby Barber (aka Ruby Mary Lennox) and photographer Robbie Lawrence came up with a very special idea. In collaboration, the talented trio shot four different beautiful floral motifs a beautiful and limited mini series of flowers photographs for this year’s Mother’s Day. The magical arrangements are due to Ruby Mary Lennox, Robbie Lawrence shot the impressing photographs and Gillian Henn carefully curated them.

“Flowers are ephemeral but these images, beautifully captured by Robbie, are an everlasting dedication to every strong woman and mother we know and admire”, describes Ruby her collaboration with Gillian and Robbie to the point.

The flower prints are called after their original names, that couldn’t be prettier: Genista Canariensis, Playa Blanca Rose, Coral Charm Peony and Snowball Viburnum. The decision for one totaling four flowers for Mother’s Day won’t be an easy one this year. It bears mentioning that all profits will be donated for helpless mothers in need.

From May 4 on, the limited series of four flowers photographs (30 x 40 cm, Canson Platine Fibre) will be on sale and can be purchased online, directly at the website of Gillian Henn.

Curated by Gillian Henn (Website: | Instagram: @gillianhenn | Website:
Photos by Robbie Lawrence (Website: | Instagram @robbiel1)
Flowers by Mary Lennox (Website: | Instagram @ruby_marylennox, Website)