COS x Studio Swine

COS partnered with Studio Swine to create a cinematic moment at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan

It was quite a surreal moment: As I arrived in a group of international journalists invited to the press preview of the COS x Studio Swine “New Spring” installation during Salone del Mobile in Milan, the spring sun was shining and the city was buzzing in its usual manner.

Meanwhile, the shaded Cinema Arti on Via Pietro Mascagni radiated an almost sacred silence. In the middle of the jet-black room stood an illuminated piece of art: Made of metal and to resemble a cherry tree, bubbles fell from its boughs as if they were petals. Visitors were given gloves and encouraged to play with them, to juggle them and inspect them until their mist-filled forms spectacularly burst – the impermanence of beauty conducted before our eyes in a kind of melancholy way.

A perfumer was engaged to create fruity, floral, and woody notes specifically for the collaboration, which then came down in the form of soap bubbles from the “tree’s” various branches and wafted together to form a fragrant mix.


London-based Studio Swine created the installation in an exclusive collaboration with COS for the Milan Furniture Fair. With a wealth of architectural influences to be found, the studio’s founders Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami describe the Italian metropolis as a place of ever-present inspiration. And it’s in this context that they also mention the chandelier from the famous opera scene of Fellini’s Casanova as a model for the tree’s form and created an homage to the cherry blossom scene from The Seven Samurai with the falling soap bubbles. A disused movie theater as an exhibition space couldn’t have been more fitting.

COS has been present at the Salone del Mobile for years now and the H&M subsidiary has taken art as an integral part of its concept since it was founded. So after Nendo in 2014, Snarkitecture in 2015, Sou Fujimoto in 2016, and now Studio Swine, we’ll be waiting on the edge of our seats to see just who will be selected for the next Salone.

Translation: Melissa Frost