When we started hey woman! in 2015, the (international) fashion and publishing industry was undergoing some fundamental changes – print magazines were beginning to lose relevance while bloggers were gaining influence on a certain target group. We felt there was a need to address those who fell in between: Young women our age deserved to have a digital platform that would speak their language and focus on their interests.

We understand our website as the connection point between our readers and a curated selection of brands. We also believe in a personal approach when it comes to working together, opening a conversation that is defined by a mutual understanding of both sides. And being based in Berlin, we enjoy the advantage of a creative, open-minded, and globally acclaimed location.

Until we launch a corporate microsite that will give an overview of all services that the hey agency! has to offer, you can request our media kit via info (at) hey-woman.com or take a look at our past co-operations below: