The Gucci Museum in Florence finally gives Tom Ford his place


It took a long time, but it’s finally happened: during a signing in their eponymous museum for the newly-published book of Gucci photography, Epiphany by Ari Marcopoulos, Gucci let it be known on June 16th that there would be rooms dedicated to Tom Ford from now on. Thanks to creative director Alessandro Michele, who worked for Ford already in 2002 and has since considered him a mentor, all guests to the museum can now marvel at iconic pieces by the renowned fashion designer.

Exactly like the clothes, the rooms themselves are challenging and in search of kindred spirits. The first shines entirely in juicy cherry red, including red mannequins and orchids that are arranged in a group. The garments show the characteristic voice of the designer, who left an especially strong mark on the 90s and became known for, among other things, his sexual provocation. It’s exactly this energy and aesthetic that beams from the dominant color of the room and underscores the importance of the designer to this era in the process.

The second room is dedicated to accessories. A room in red and pink tones framed by a lilac Matelassé carpet that in turn is paired with the familiar cherry red rug – that sounds exactly like Tom Ford’s taste! Even the jewelry pieces are theatrically presented. Behind glass vitrines, they look like historical artifacts.


The Gucci Museum can be found at Piazza della Signoria, 10, 50122 Florence, Italy.