Sportswear Collaboration: A.P.C. X Outdoor Voices

When we think of outer wear, the credo “form follows function” instantly comes to mind. Sports and athletics apparel revolve around the idea of practicality, alas these practical features are oftentimes implemented at the expense of aesthetics. What we end up with is scratchy industrial garment, neon details, mesh applications and other futuristic odds and ends — highly functional but bleak.

The New York-based label Outdoor Voices, has been around for a while and persistently manages to produce sportswear that’s pleasant to look at and they even took their vow a step further. This summer American activewear meets French sense of aesthetics, as Tyler Hayney of O.V. teamed up with Jean Titou, creative director of our go-to address for understated Parisian style: A.P.C.

Their joint line of “athleisure”, a combination of sports and leisure wear, goes by the name A.P.C.O.V.  Both labels share a unique approach to their craft and they use high quality garments, only, so at the heart of this collaboration we find fabrics, that are both versatile and sophisticated.

The collection is compromised of designs which make for a neat and chic look while exercising, but also work as casual leisure wear. It includes leggings and bodies as well as shirts and trousers and even a faux fur coat.

A.P.C. adheres to their key aesthetic with its muted color palette: neutral shades of sand, khaki as well as navy and grey. The pieces are perfect at the gym, for a quick run in the woods or just to round off your outfit on casual office days. All the more reason to get rid off plain old work out dress outfit that gathers dust in the back of your closet and face the cloudy autumn sky in style, instead.