Sofia Coppola for Cartier

©Andrew Durham

It’s no secret that in my more shallow moments, I believe that I am in fact Sofia Coppola. That has numerous reasons: for one, it took her awhile to figure out where her talent lies. I find that fundamentally likeable, especially when it results in masterpieces like “Lost in Translation”, “Somewhere” or “The Virgin Suicides”. I believe the technical term for this is “understating your case”. If one is to believe the trade press, her approach to other aspects of her life is similarly careful. I very much enjoy listening to Phoenix, the band’s lead singer Thomas Mars has two children with Sofia, and their music largely shaped my university experience. She also has a keen eye for collaborations: I bought the Sofia Coppola SV, produced in cooperation with Louis Vuitton, with my first paycheck at 28. Of course the whole trapping involving waiting list only heightened its charm and, even though this is years ago, the model is still available, which makes me come to the conclusion that the demand (understandably) has not decreased. The superwoman just announced her next coup: she’s now officially a friend of the House of Cartier. I mean, is there anything more fitting? She bought her wedding ring there, the Tank watch has been her closest ally for years, she wears the Trinity bracelet often, and she’s even been gifted the Panther ring (by her ever so attentive husband). The design is very practical: you can easily wear it during the day and,  when you need a little something more chic, it seamlessly integrates it into your evening plans. And isn’t that what Sofia is all about? Her movies are perfectly suitable as both “easy entertainment” when you’ve had a long week, as well as when you’re looking for something with a little more depth. One might almost say, a match made in heaven.

(pictured above you’ll find the “Clé de Cartier” model)