Review: Cartier Party “Juste un Clou” in Berlin

Emilia Schüle | ©Gisela Schober/Getty Images for Cartier

Cartier hosted an exclusive event in Berlin to celebrate the iconic Juste un Clou jewelry collection

“When The Ordinary Becomes Precious …” – it was under this theme that Cartier celebrated the Juste un Clou jewelry collection with 600 select guests on November 2nd. The iconic nail design was originally created by Aldo Cipullo in the 70s and is currently experiencing a second revival internationally.

The surprisingly different jewelry collection reflected the free thinking of the time – the artist was surrounded by haze of New York’s Studio 54 circle. The inspiration drawn from seemingly simple objects – such as a nail – was also easily translated into the choice of location for the event.


As a city, Berlin is living the traits for which the Big Apple of the 70s stood: It’s is rebellious, unconventional, and creative. The same could probably be said about the old power station in Rummelsburg, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century and closed down again in the middle of the century. The building is listed due to its unique industrial architecture and was an ideal venue for the glittering party – all the more so because of contrast between the two.

Guests dressed in the “fearless black tie” dress code were able to marvel at a number of performances for which the artists built the venue into the spectacle. Electro-beats by Joseph Mount from Metronomy provided the soundtrack for a party that ran into the early morning hours.

Among the guests were top model Toni Garrn, actresses Hannah Herzsprung and Emilia Schüle, director Anika Decker, and artist Alicja Kwade.