Release: Scotch & Soda Campaign in Amsterdam

Scotch & Soda launches its new Autumn/Winter 2017/18 campaign “Amsterdam” under the eyes of the international press

Just in time for the beginning of fall, Dutch label Scotch & Soda invited representatives from the international press to Amsterdam to celebrate the launch of the Fall/Winter 2017/18 campaign in a very special way.

We traveled with a boat directly from the hotel’s dock to Vuurtoreneiland, an island in the Ijmeer – a lake outside of the city – and home to the extraordinary Zomerrestaurant. Completely self-sufficient, the island takes care of itself with a small solar facility and water tanks and still provides some of the finest cuisine in the city. In the summer guests can dine in a minimalistic house constructed from wood and glass and decorated with strings of light running directly from the island’s lighthouse. In the winter, the fun takes place in a former bastion on the island where, illuminated by candlelight, the brutality of the stony architecture completely dissolves into a comfortable spot for conviviality. But be quick if you want to book a table – seating for the month of October sold out within hours.

Amsterdam wasn’t selected as the focal point of the event by accident. For one, it’s the place where the brand was founded. It’s also the setting of the latest campaign – but in this case, director Fleur Fortuné traveled with models and a crew to the largely unknown Amsterdam located in the Arctic, a 41-hour journey totalling 3111 kilometers to probably one of the most remote places on earth where not even Google Maps has been yet. With the selection of this location and the knowledge that there are 12 different places called Amsterdam located around the world, the brand wants to, as Marlou van Engelen, the creative director of Scotch & Soda said, “show and honor our city’s free thinking.”

Find the whole collection and further information on or via their Instagram Account (@scotch_official) here.

Images: Scotch & Soda