Recommended Reading: Fragile by Franco Gobbi

The photo book Fragile by Franco Gobbi shows international top models in a completely different way. It’s the first book by the hairstylist and photographer

Mariacarla Boscono, Joan Smalls, Karen Elson – women normally found hanging from skyscrapers in huge fashion campaigns are only vaguely recognizable. In his debut photography book Fragile, Franco Gobbi plays with the resolution of human contours. The book will be released at the beginning of November by the Damiani publishing house.

Gobbi morphs his women into fragile works of art, almost photographically dissolving them into movements. In doing so, he not only blurs their forms, but also steals them away from their context and portrays them free of image and conventional beauty. Supermodels, women from theater, cinema, and art are transformed into fabulous creatures. A total of 34 portraits were created that resemble a visual study on beauty. Gobbi’s photographic process was inspired by artists such as Man Ray, Francis Bacon, and Andy Warhol.

For his debut, Gobbi changed perspectives: As a hairstylist, the Italian-born artist has worked for many years with the most famous photographers (Nan Goldin, Paolo Roversi, Juergen Teller) and publications worldwide. He has been involved in art, fashion, and youth culture since he was young and is fascinated by creative processes, which he lives out in his work. The industry treasures his passionate and enthusiastic energy – so it’s no wonder that Diane von Fürstenberg, supermodel Mariacarla Boscono, and star makeup artist Wendy Rowe round out the work with texts. Nice.

The photographs will be exhibited in Paris and shown at the Nama – Nazareth Market space between November 9th and 16th. Also great: A limited, signed version will be available during this period. Congratulations, Franco!

You won’t just find Franco Gobbi on Instagram (@francogobbi1), but also an account for his book (@fragilebyfrancogobbi). Further information can be found on Franco Gobbi’s website here.