Prada Journal

Prada Journal
Portraits: Kei Matsushima / Flávio Vinicius Moreira Costa / Billie Phillips / Maria Laura Rodriguez

Prada Journal honors upcoming writers and transforms the pieces into a 3D experience on stage

For the third time around, Prada presents their eyewear collection while celebrating the current state of literary fiction. In 2013 they launched the the Prada Feltrinelli Prize to honor the work of upcoming writers and this year’s winners are Kei Matsushima (Conversations with Shadows), Flávio Vinicius Moreira Costa (Lieutenant Marcus), Billie Phillips (No Balm in Gilead) and Maria Laura Rodriguez (The Hour of the Wolf).  

Of course all three stories can be browsed in their entirety as an online anthology and they’re even available as a complimentary ebook. But that’s not all: in fact Prada transformed the reading material into a three-dimensional literary experience. Under the heading ‘Theatre of Conversation and Exchange’  all three award-winning stories were turned into an immersive 360 interactive project,  that animates the audience to engage with the work. Set in two alternate settings (one in a dark theatre, the other one in an ordinary surrounding) the stories are interpreted by actors in innovative virtual form.

“Illuminations, Shadows and Mirages” deals with light and dark, sun and shadow, visible and hidden.And what better way to celebrate a new collection of eyewear, than to center around the topic of our visual sense, its capabilities and flaws. The sophisticated selection of glasses, covers four brand new models. All of the unique frames were designed in collaboration with Luxxotica and are available in various colorways.


Head to Prada to read more about the winners of this year’s edition as well as the jury and discover the Prada Journal Eyewear collection.