Launch: Zalando Beauty

Zalando is now offering a wide range of beauty products. What exactly is behind it? And what new developments can we look forward to? Read more here

It’s no secret that Zalando is one of the best-stocked online shops out there and supplies us with an infinite range urban, premium, and sportswear brands. Having said that, the company’s latest enterprise is beauty! From now on, you will find 120 different beauty brands and approximately 4000 products on the site covering every kind of category, from skin and hair care to perfumes and decorative cosmetics. The portfolio also includes labels such as our editorial favorites Fine Deodorant, Magicstripes, Verso, L:A Bruket, and Pai Skincare.

At the end of June, the first Zalando Concept Store will open in Berlin Mitte on Weinmeisterstraße. The shop space will mainly be used for events and customer interactions as well as services such as manicures, express facials, or make-up sessions. We were able to ask Claudia Reth, vice president of specialties, some questions about the launch:

What makes Zalando Beauty different from other beauty retailers?

We’re coming from the fashion side with a “complete the look” approach, which will be combined with beauty. That means integrating beauty into all of the campaigns. If you pick out a dress, we already have a matching lipstick or we’re going to suggest a matching nail polish.

What kind of products are you focusing on?

Our biggest area will definitely be make-up, followed by skincare – simply because there are so many different approaches: Korean beauty, athleisure beauty, natural organic beauty, or vegan beauty. We also have fragrances and many other things in our product range, but make-up and skincare are the two main focus areas.

Organic beauty and sustainability are important topics for us. To what extent are those things part of Zalando Beauty? And what other brands can we expect?

You can explicitly filter for natural beauty products. That shows that this is a very large area for us. It’s not always the case that there are only standalone lines – it’s also becoming more interesting for the larger manufacturers, so they are launching natural organic lines as well. A few examples of brands in our portfolio are Stop The Water While Using Me, Pai Skincare, and Maskeraide.

Impressions from the launch event in Munich

Is there a newly launched brand that you think has great potential?

One newly launched brand that will be with us starting in May is The Ordinary. Although it isn’t an absolutely new brand, it is sold out almost everywhere and still isn’t so available in Germany. And also the sister brand, Hylamide. It produces serums of an even higher quality than those by The Ordinary.

Is there a brand you are particularly proud of? Or one that was particularly difficult in onboarding?

We have a great brand portfolio, really cool brands that you won’t find everywhere. I wouldn’t say that any one of them was particularly difficult in onboarding. But we are still in the process and will start with 120 brands and over 4000 products. New brands are added weekly.

There was a small beauty brand portfolio on Zalando a few years ago. Why was that phased out at that time?

We simply weren’t ready yet – also in terms of storage and dispatch. There are certain guidelines regarding flammable products. You need a separate storage location, different ventilation, air conditioning, different handling for packaging and shipping. Now we are ready, have the necessary infrastructure, and also the necessary technical support to realize Zalando Beauty.

Another area that we’re focused on is the user experience – that you have the ability to filter through different attributes (for example: skin type, hair type, etc.) and can make a personally tailored search in the end. That wasn’t possible in the past and is now being implemented.

How did you select Berlin as the location for the store?

This was simply the best location for Zalando. You get walk-in customers, the “Mitte hipsters,” the people who are also interested in the brands we want to offer. Only a selection of brands aimed at trend topics will be available, however, but also niche brands.

Find more about Zalando Beauty here.

Images: PR
Translation: Melissa Frost