Launch: Juuls & Friends Capsule Collection “Pendant Stories”

Berlin-based online jewelry boutique Juuls Juuls has launched its first capsule collection in collaboration with six different creatives – and one of them should be a familiar face: hey woman! contributor Stella von Senger

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that we enjoy the most – whether it’s a good skinny latte in the morning or a cozy evening at home with Chinese take-out. Now Berlin-based online jewelry boutique Juuls Juuls has dedicated a whole limited-edition series of pendants to these tiny, special moments. To create this collection, Juuls Juuls joined forces with six creatives from Berlin and Belgium and launched the brand’s first capsule collection: Pendant Stories.

Every pendant is made of 14-karat gold and has its own personal story. And yes, one pendant actually is in the shape of a paper coffee cup and one looks like a noodle box freshly delivered from your favorite Chinese restaurant. This pendant – and it’s even engraved to say  “Thank You” – was designed by Berlin-based make-up artist and hey woman! contributor Stella von Senger, who still associates Chinese take-out with a time when she used to live and work in Los Angeles.

Personal stories like these are found behind every pendant in this limited-edition collection. In addition to Stella von Senger, two other Berlin-based women also created a piece of jewelry for Juuls Juuls. Photographer Sandra Semburg designed a cute lemon-shaped pendant. Why? Because she’s always had a thing for the fruit and considers them a symbol for travel, beauty, and joie de vivre. The pendant created by jewelry designer Ina Beissner has a deeper meaning as well. Her design, “La Casa,” comes in the shape of a tiny house and is an ode to what is dearest to her: motherhood, family, and friends.

Alongside these Berlin-based ladies, three Belgian women are also on the list of “Juuls’ Friends.” Designer, interior architect, and artist Anno is the one of them, and she decided to go with a coffee cup-shaped pendant called “Skinny Latte” because used paper coffee cups are the centerpiece of her latest installations. Elsa Fralon, a journalist, turned a smartphone into a small golden accessory and entrepreneur Kelly Palmer went for a design called “Midnight Kiss” which – surprise, surprise – comes in shape of kissing lips.

Juuls Juuls was launched in June 2015 by Julie De Cuyper. Today she leads the company alongside with Kris Ter-Ghazaryan. In addition to their in-house brand, Juuls & Karat, and the new limited-edition Juuls & Friends Collection, they sell innovative, contemporary jewelry by designers from all over the world.

The capsule collection Pendant Stories is available on the Juuls Juuls website here. Find more inspiration of Juuls Juuls via Instagram here.

Images: PR