Launch: Glossier Studio in London

©Veronika Heilbrunner

American beauty brand Glossier opened a pop-up store in London, celebrating its expansion to England

Last Saturday a Glossier pop-up event took place in London where visitors could test out the cult brand’s products.

Glossier was already dominating the beauty headlines even days before the event: Emily Weiss, founder of the New York-based cult brand, had announced that she would soon be offering international shipping. For those who have reached this point in the article and still have a question mark hanging in front of them: Glossier is the hippest beauty label around, and up until now you’ve either had to travel to the USA yourself to get the products or mobilize your friends over there to put the things together and send them to you.

Alongside Canada and France, England will also be included in Glossier’s expansion by the end of the year. Therefore, it was a logical conclusion to also establish the first Glossier Studio in London. And completely in pink and white, of course, just like the packaging of the products. The interior reminded some of us immediately of the well-known restaurant The Gallery at Sketch, which is located just a stone’s throw away in the London district of Mayfair.

In the aforementioned Glossier Studio, visitors could test out the cult brand’s jars and tubes for the entire day. Products like the Haloscope Highlighter, which doesn’t just provide a radiant glow, but also nourishes the skin with additional vitamin E, coconut, almond, and castor oils. It’s in line with Glossier’s motto: Skin First. Make-up second.

Other highlights included the super light, creamy Stretch Concealer, Boy Brow eyebrow gel, and the three booster serums like The Super Pack and Balm Dotcom – the latter of which makes chapped lips and other dry skin areas velvety soft in a flash and therefore shouldn’t be missing from your handbag. Invisible Shield, on the other hand, is ideal for summer – finally, a sunscreen that won’t leave you worrying about clogged pores.

By the way, the hype surrounding the brand doesn’t just come down to founder Emily Weiss herself, who is also one of the best-known beauty bloggers there is – her website Into The Gloss has been a “must-read” in the industry for years now. It’s also based on the excellent quality of the products and their very affordable prices. We’re crossing our fingers that Glossier will also be available in Germany before too long!

Impressions from the private dinner:

Find further information on Glossier on their website here or their Instagram account (@glossier) here. To read more about Emily Weiss and the whole project, visit Into The Gloss here.

Author: Anna Bok