Launch Event: Sofa Magazine No.2

Ricarda Messner and Caia Hagel released the second issue of Sofa magazine, wondering what cyberhearts are made of

Sofa magazine’s founders and editors-in-chief Caia Hagel and Ricarda Messner ultimately wonder in their second issue of Sofa: What are cyberhearts made of? In case you haven’t heard about it yet, they entitle their venture as follows: “Sofa is a magazine that unveils and defines the now and looks into the near future. Each issue explores one tantalizing, terrifying, tantamount or taboo topic whilst sitting on a digital and analog sofa with cool and controversial people”.

After the prophecies of Generation Z in Sofa I, which revealed, among other smashing themes, how digital life inspires contemporary identity, personal relationships and economic, political and social power for teens today, they delve deep into cyberspace with post-teens in Sofa II.

Hagel and Messner look at the temptation of digital relationships and how these are a new meta level of loving and being that solve some of yesterday’s problems while simultaneously creating new trouble tomorrow. In Sofa II they are talking new frontiers of cybersupportgroups, hook up apps, webcam love, virtual nationhood, net art, hacking & stalking and much more.

Sofa II unfolds what’s brand new in sexy, and unsexy, technologically fueled connections almost everywhere – in the bedroom, the boardroom, the political alleys. They wanted to find out what our brains, our hearts and our digital lives, of course really are, and where all this is heading, through, among others, confessions, inquiries, essays and interviews.

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You can get your copy of Sofa II on Cyberlove here, Sofa III on Men Today will be released in November 2017.