Launch: Closed Campaign “Fair. Since 1978.”

Hamburg-based label Closed has been focused on sustainability and fairness ever since it was founded in 1978 – now it’s launched a campaign about it

Closed is a company with a long tradition behind it. And when a label like that teams up with online magazine Freunde von Freunden to hold a dinner in Berlin, you wouldn’t expect anything else but a cozy evening and a familial atmosphere.

The event was centered on attributes that are becoming more and more important in the fashion industry, but which Closed has already been representing for almost 40 years: sustainability and fair working conditions. In order to illustrate these values, the Hamburg-based company has created a new campaign called “Fair. Since 1978.” With this new campaign, Closed wants to carry on its responsible and environmentally friendly traditions while also constantly looking to improve its production processes in the future. The brand now very transparently presents all its production processes on its website as part of the campaign.

Closed has taken care that more and more of its products are produced in Europe in recent years – its denim is now almost 100% produced in Italy. The label also works with partners that are as environmentally minded as the brand itself and focus on gentle washing and dying techniques.

In addition to its environmentally conscious attitude, Closed also believes in treating animals with respect. That’s why the label completes eschews down, fur, and angora. It will only work with leather and hides that result as a bi-product of the food industry. All of the lambskins used by the company are tanned using eco-friendly and water-saving methods.

The brand’s bags are handmade in Portugal and its shoes in Hungary. Closed also works with partners in Turkey and Romania that uphold high social standards in their factories and pay above average wages. It also has partners outside of Europe, with factories in China, that uphold the same standards.

You can find more information about Closed’s campaign and the label’s production processes – including photos and videos – on the brand website here or via Instagram (@closedofficial) here.

Translation: Melissa Frost