Inside Chanel: Gabrielle, A Rebel At Heart


Inside Chanel launched the 18th episode of their video series, celebrating their roots: Gabrielle

By now there are as much as 18 chapters of the mini video series “Inside Chanel” and I designate this project as “corporate content done oh so well”, because with the rollout of every new episode I catch myself watching every clip until the very end.

Today, the topic is Gabrielle, A Rebel at heart, highlighting the unconventional allure of the genius behind the iconic traditional house. Could this be any more fitting for the current Zeitgeist? Here, a few quotes, that illustrate Coco’s wonderful mindset: “Choose simplicity over excess, comfort over appearance and intuition over principles. Change what you find displeasing, and anticipate timeless trends”. A mantra that seems like the perfect motivational phrase to print out and put on your office wall! “Choose your destiny even if you have to reinvent your path.” Or “Choose to defy conventions, ignore formalities, and embrace a progressive spirit”. As well as “Desire to look like nobody else”. (Ahh, my favorite). I could go on like this forever.

In 2017 Chanel celebrated its roots, or rather #GabrielleChanel. An inspiring woman, who is a true idol to all following generations. Rebellion, freedom, passion and “allure” – These are the four principles have a lot to offer! On top of that, we’re very much looking forward to the launch of a new handbag. Until then, you can just take a quick look at chapter 18 or (for those who really want to get into the mood) rewatch all episodes of “Inside Chanel”.