Ever since the Hermès Carré was first introduced onto the market in 1937 it has become a staple in virtually every fashion lover’s wardrobe. Jackie O. tied it elegantly around her neck, Queen Elizabeth uses it as a headscarf and Madonna even converted it into a loose top in the early 2000s. Until today the patterned silk cloth enjoys great popularity as it adds a mundane appeal to every look, no matter how simple.

But as it is often the case with beloved classics, they grow out on you. Fortunately you can now find a remedy for your weariness at a very special laundromat. You now get the chance to breath new life, or rather new color, into your foulard at the HermèsMatic Pop up store in Munich.


Surrounded by orange washing machines and a colorful seating corner (perfect laundrette interior) and with the aid of a gentle dip dye technique you can transform your old Hermès scarf into a true unicum. There are four different colorways available, including: burlesque red, olive green, navy and slate gray. After 48 hours your foulard is ready for collection. Plus, there will be an in situ stylist who will advise you on new knot techniques, to switch up your scarf game.

Various Hermès classics and other silk creations will be up for sale, including mini bowties, twillys, maxi twillys and of course countless carrés in the 90×90 or the 140×140 models: inter alia Quadrige, Brides de gala, Festival des amazones or Les Clés.

From October 7th to 22nd, the HermèsMatic Pop Up Store opens its gates in Munich, at Türkenstraße 67 (open daily from 12:00 until 19:30 Uhr, except Sundays).