Grace Coddington, Ex- Creative Director at American Vogue


The new generation is making employees across editorial offices worldwide shake in their boots. Once a myth, now turned into reality. In previous jobs Veronika and I both experienced what it’s like to fight small wars in order to gain the smallest piece of territory. It’s exciting though, to try and understand this experience from the other side of the desk: for years you’ve sat in your chair and you’ve done your best when suddenly, the powers that be announce that you not just have to deal with the Internet, you also need to befriend it. I consider Grace Coddington someone who’s never shied away from a challenge and, in fact, has become unimpeachable. Next to her boss of 30 years (!), Anna Wintour, she’s shaped the image of American Vogue like no one else and, for the branding of her book, used Instagram like it was second nature. And yet, it’s time to open a new chapter: at the young age of 74 the Grande Dame is hanging up her coat and leaving her position as Vogue’s creative director. The position will not be re-staffed and she will be named “Creative Director at Large” which still changes the game in a tremendous way. A fresh wind is blowing through the fashion industry and we couldn’t be more positive about this change and what great input it will offer!