Filippa K #NotThatComplicated Campaign

Filippa K launched the #NotThatComplicated campaign for Fall/Winter 2017. The message: You don’t need more than seven key pieces

A black blouse and a white one, a pair of suit pants, a coat, the perfect t-shirt, a thick favorite sweater, and a black dress – those are the seven Filippa K basics. With them you could theoretically leave the house every morning in a new look for 18 days in a row. Long live the joy of combining pieces! It seems to prove that the Scandinavians are one step ahead of us when it comes to simplicity. The DNA of this timeless collection consists of high quality fabrics, reduced lines and forms, and muted colors.

With these seven basics, Filippa K wants to make it clear that sometimes it doesn’t take much to keep changing things up. After all, good style often has less to do with the quantity of clothes in someone’s closet, but rather with their quality and the imagination of the person wearing them. The Swedish label has embodied luxury in its purest form since 1993 and reminds its loyal customers once again with this campaign that responsible and conscious consumption is part of that. And that’s a really great thing.

Columbine Smille, the stylist on the campaign, said this about #NotThatComplicated: “Style is confidence, constancy, and playfulness. It may sound contradicting, but I believe you can be both consistent and playful within your style.” She gives some tips on how to style the campaigns looks on the Filippa K website.

Hand in hand with this collection, Filippa K is also presenting its new “Style Service” to help customers select the perfect key pieces in both analog as well as digital form. And there’s still more news to share: From now on, Filippa K will be shipping worldwide. Super easy!

All garments as well and information and photos related to the #NotThatComplicated campaign are available online on the Filippa K website here. Further impressions can be found on Instagram (@filippa_k) or under #NotThatComplicated.

Images: PR
Translation: Melissa Frost