Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2016

Off to Denmark! Under the title Responsible Innovation, the Copenhagen Fashion Summit took place on the 12th of May for the fourth time in the Danish capital. Over 1300 guests from 53 countries met there to discuss sustainability and innovation in the fashion industry. Alongside Rick Ridgeway, Hannah Jones, Evi Evangelou, and Anna Gedda, Renzo Rosso and Suzy Menkes were also among those giving interesting speeches and podium discussions during the eight-hour event.

The fashion industry is one of the largest and most important in the world. Changes and decisions have an immediate influence on both people and the environment. So it’s not surprising that the need for responsible and sustainable corporate action is always growing.  The Copenhagen Fashion Summit has occupied itself with the question of how the industry can be transformed since 2009. Hannah Jones, Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of Nike’s Innovation Accelerator said it clearly: “Sustainability is a new challenge that innovative business strategies and products require. One has to consider the different possibilities, how and from what materials articles can be made – down to the last molecule.”

Taking place at the same time, the Break Out Sessions took exactly these challenges as their subject for discussion.  “Will technology save fashion?was the name of a podium discussion that James Carnes, Mira Duma, Lewis Perkins, Cyrill Gutsch, and Shubhankar Ray took part in. It investigated whether new technologies have the potential to initiate sustainable change. Everyone agreed that as well as production and materials, society’s mentality must change and that this could all happen with the help of digital technologies. Even if the fashion industry can’t make a 360° change from today until tomorrow, however, this summit does show that many companies are already adopting a new direction – even if the first steps on that new path have to be small.


Video Mira



All panels were recorded and are available HERE to watch.