180 The Strand: “The Infinite Mix”

A few crocodile tears may be shed as we say farewell to these last days of summer. For all that, autumn’s agenda is as packed as ever: in case you haven’t been to London for fashion week purposes, we recommend you to add it to your travel itinerary for a very special treat, that just kicked off on 9th September.

The Infinite Mix, is an exhibition that merges contemporary art, timely music and brutalist architecture —  located at the newly opened “The Store” at 180 The Strand, a creative space, that was initiated by Alex Eagle — the woman behind Soho Berlin’s inhouse concept heaven of the same name. The exhibit was co-commissioned by the acclaimed Hayward Gallery and the 32nd Bienal de São Paolo in partnership with The Vinyl Factory. It features a lively mix of stunning audio-visual installations, by a wide range of leading contemporary artists. The list of participants includes artists by the likes of Elizabeth Price and Martin Creed, who are both recipients of the prestigious Turner Prize.

All ten of the highly immersive pieces, present a futuristic ensemble of hologram-like artworks, multi-screen visuals and three-dimensional cinema projections. Varying between entertaining and critical these art works manage to challenge the status quo, by making the spectator look beyond the surface. The stimulation of both auditory and visual senses, provides for an almost synaesthetic experience.

However, the venue at 180 The Strand is not only meant to be used as an exhibition space, but also as a local community hub, for all things creative. It includes plenty of space for studios and workspaces, a great cuisine as well as a bar, enclosed by a fascinating architectural landscape. Reason enough to pay London a visit as soon as possible!


©Rachel Rose Everything and More 2015 Installation view
©Rachel Rose Everything and More 2015 Installation view
The Infinite Mix, The Store 180 the Strand, Michael Wilkin Photography for The Vinyl Factory (49 of 71)
©The Infinite Mix, The Store 180 the Strand, Michael Wilkin Photography for The Vinyl Factory


“The Infinite Mix” takes place from September 9 until December 4 at London’s newly opened 180 The Strand (180, The Strand, London, WC2R 1EA)