Yoga: “Strong Back” with Asana Rebel

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Asana Rebel is one of the leading yoga apps. Julia Knolle reveals how home fitness has helped her

About a year ago everything stopped working: My lower back went on strike; the diagnosis was lumbago. In my early thirties. Great, I thought, my body wanted to have the word. And no, I hadn’t been paying much attention to myself in the weeks beforehand. There was a lot to do and I spent more time at my desk than I did on the treadmill. I had also been on a break from yoga, and once you’re on the outside it’s not so easy to go back in. Plus, my main objective in getting sporty was clearing my head, getting my adrenaline pumping and working up a sweat. Subconsciously, I understood that this couldn’t be good for my body. I was simply missing muscles that you can’t build up from running alone.

In any case, sitting is the new smoking – my poor back, or rather my spine, was left alone day after day without being supported by muscle. No wonder that it eventually reacted against all the stress and just collapsed. “Could you please give me an injection?” I begged the doctor in the waiting room that Friday. “We’ll make a deal,” he said. “You do a series of exercises every two hours between now and Monday morning, and if it still hurts, you’ll get the shot.” And wonder of wonders, of course I didn’t need it anymore. And being stuck whimpering in pain at home, unable to get to the yoga studio – certainly not for 90 minutes at a time – necessity drove me discover Asana Rebel.

“Strong and sexy back” basically became my daily drug and my body didn’t know what to do with all the euphoria that I had finally blessed it with. Thirty minutes, three to four times per week – it’s hard to find an excuse not to make that time for yourself. What’s more, the exercises are especially designed not to be too strenuous, but to train your muscles exactly the right amount through regular repetition.

My favorites are the hip openers – the pigeon, the squat position – and twists in every form, whether sitting, lying down, or standing. They open the rib cage and allow me to better observe my breath, which is of course entirely subjective.

This is a well-intentioned recommendation for all the desk mice out there who always find everything else more important than themselves. This half an hour – give it to yourself! Your body will thank you. And last but not least, your head will thank you too. It will practically wind down on its own during this ritual at the end of the day. Even right before falling asleep, this moment of unity with the mat works wonders.

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