Yoga: “Restore & Relax” with Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is an app that makes integrating yoga into your routine easy. Julia reports on her experience using it

A regular yoga practice has actually only recently become part of my daily routine. Back when I used to go to an hour-long yoga class at the gym from time to time, I often found I wasn’t really convinced – it was up to question if that came down to the instructors, the atmosphere of the studios, the strange class times, or just me. That’s why my athletic routine at the time consisted of regular runs in fresh air and high-intensity training sessions. The way I thought about it at the time: “If I’m going to do sports, I want to properly sweat!”

It was only when yoga became more and more important in our hey woman! universe due to video productions with Michi Aue and Jenny Hirtz that the topic came back to my attention. Then I was told about the yoga app Asana Rebel by – who else? – Julia Knolle, aka our hey woman! superwoman-in-chief. I can always rely on her advice 100%, so I downloaded the app that evening and have been using it regularly since Day 1. The short sessions integrate wonderfully into everyday life.

Now I’m regularly on the yoga mat after work. I like the Restore & Relax program the best – it lets me switch off and relax after an exciting working day. Candlelight and the app’s “smooth” music create the right atmosphere and I follow the voice coming from my smartphone obediently. Take a deep breath, come down, and stretch. My frequently tense neck and back, strained by all that sitting at a desk, are especially happy about some Downward-Facing Dog in the evening. And who would have thought that simply lying on your back, legs and arms stretched upwards, could be so relaxing?

My absolute favorite is the Cat-Cow pose. As simple as the exercise seems, it has an effect on my body. I get the feeling that the smooth flow stretches my entire back – and also the rest of my body – and that the repetitive movements meditatively massage a restless soul.

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