Yoga: “Flexibility” with Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is an app that makes it easy to integrate yoga into everyday life. Catie reports how she regained her flexibility step by step

Anyone who knows me well can testify that I do a lot of sports. I like running, HIIT, and gymnastics (but I like Crossfit the best). Flexibility, however, is something that’s proved to be a little more difficult for me. Things that had been no problem before my post-lumbar pain became a continual trauma afterwards: My legs don’t want to stretch so much and my hips won’t let me rotate my left leg without cracking noises.

So, I didn’t take flexibility into consideration for quite a while. That has turned out to be a mistake and the saying “If you rest, you rust” feels much more profound. My grandmother, who turned 94 years old and was able to carry five-liter canisters of wine up the vineyards until the end, preached it again and again: It’s not just endurance and strength that are important, but also mobility. Well, then!

I have known about Asana Rebel almost since the very beginning when it launched. For me, it’s the perfect combination to do one hour of yoga at home and take care of my weaknesses: the aforementioned leg extension plus (especially) my right shoulder.

Some things are still very difficult for me, but I notice a big difference as soon as I don’t use the app for a few days. Asana Rebel makes it so easy to take care of your body and inner voice that I don’t know why it didn’t exist much earlier.

I’m already really excited about the new updates and programs that will be available soon and hope that I’ll get a grip on my shoulder eventually so that I can manage Downward-Facing Dog with my legs stretched out and my back straight.

It is, and remains, a work in progress – but it would also be boring if it weren’t!  

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