Women We Love: Giedre Dukauskaite

Giedre Dukauskaite is supermodel, Vintage lover and brands like Céline, Repossi or Victoria Beckham are crazy about her. Veronika Heilbrunner met her in Paris

She is a supermodel. She lives between Paris and New York. She graces major campaigns and editorials by out-of-control cool fashion brands. She is the type of woman that looks glamorous in a white T-shirt – and even after a grueling hour of SoulCycle. She is down-to-earth, realistic, relaxed. Her humor is dry and razor sharp. She is a cool cat that knows what she wants and is determined to “get it.” Basically, she is one of those girls that is annoyingly awesome!


Giedre WhatsApped a few days before the interview that she was “ready to rock ’n’ roll” – aka, she suddenly had free space in her schedule. Imagine my excitement as I got on the Eurostar headed toward Paris on a grey Monday morning in December. My hey woman! team (consisting of photographer Miriam Marlene Waldner and videographer Uljana Andreeva) were already waiting when I arrived at the unreal scene: In between her boyfriend Arthur’s superb luxury car collection (aka 80s Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and whatnot), Giedre had already set up a rack full of mouthwatering pieces by Céline, Supreme, Acne Studios, and Hermès in between vintage Chanel and the most delicious croissants Paris has to offer.

It was still raining outside, so we decide to shoot everything indoors. Who cares about daylight and pretty streets? Enjoy the video interview and images we took in just a mere hour.

(Right) Hat by Prada Vintage | Jacket by Céline | Dress by Prada 
(Header Image) Blanket & Earrings by Céline | Twilly Scarf by Hermès
Shirt by L’Art de L’automobile | Belt by Supreme | Pants by Céline
(Right) Shirt by L’Art de L’automobile | Earrings by Céline | Vintag Gloves

VH: Repossi, Céline, Victoria Beckham: I mean you, you kill it. Your look is so in demand and all the major brands love you. How do you explain that?

GD: I think the classic beauty look is more in at the moment, and that’s what I have. Also, the brands I work with are very luxurious, and I think that my look has an elegance to it. So, I think I help the brands make their clothes look more elegant and luxurious.

VH: Yeah, you are super elegant – but also super cool. Tell me how you grew up? And where?

GD: I grew up in the countryside of Lithuania, on a farm. So, basically taking care of animals and growing vegetables.

VH: That explains the down-to-earth quality, I would say. You started modeling as a teenager and moved to New York at a very young age. Is there something that you would like to tell your younger self?

GD: Don’t let people get you down. Keep going. You’re going to make it in the end. Don’t fall in with a bad crowd. Stand up for yourself and just stay positive.

VH: How do you perceive the current fashion world compared to five years ago?

GD: I think that the woman of today is glamourous with less effort. There was more hair five years ago, more make-up. Women were more dolled up, living in a fairytale – because that wasn’t realistic. It is more accepted for women (now) to be super natural.

(left) Blanket & Earrings by Céline | Twilly Scarf by Hermès
(right ARTHUR KAR @LARTDELAUTOMOBILE) Shirt by L’Art de L’automobile
(from left to right) Sunglasses: Supreme & Vintage Chanel | Belt: Supreme

VH: Do you feel that suits you better?

GD: I feel it suits me better in terms of my lifestyle, because I am always on the go. I don’t wake up 5am to get myself ready, so it suits my lifestyle better. Yes.

VH: I guess you have to grow up very quickly in modeling. How was it for you?

GD: I had to learn how to take care of myself quickly – as in get on this flight now, organize, get everything in order, go there, do this, stay professional (…)  It’s kind of like jumping into cold water. I remember the first time I went to New York for Fashion Week and I had something like 15 castings per day. I spoke English, but not that well, and I didn’t know the city at all.

I would cry two times a day, just because it was so stressful and overwhelming. So yeah, it was hard in the beginning. And it was not like now with iPhones, when you just put in the address and you’ve got it – it was with a map, and trying to work it out.

VH: Is there something really cool about having to grow up so young? Are there some things that you are happy about because you never would have experienced them otherwise?

GD: I think the best part of what I learned in this job, in terms of lessons, is to accept change and move with change, which is really hard for people to do. This job taught me to just deal with change, things that turned my life upside down.

VH: I am so curious about your closet! How would you describe it?

GD: First, it’s half in New York and half in Paris. When I am in New York, I want to be more like the French girl, and when I am in Paris, I want to be more like the cool New York girl. That’s what stands out and that’s how it works.

Dress by Prada
Pants by Lemaire | Pumps by Céline

VH: Are any particular brands a dominating presence in your wardrobe?

GD: The dominator would be Vans. Ok, they would be Céline, Prada (which I love a lot), and a lot of Acne Studios I would say. And a lot of vintage, too.

VH: What’s your favorite color?

GD: It changes, but this season my favorite color is pink. It is what I am wearing right now, just because I did maybe 20 shows during Fashion Week and maybe in eight of them I had pink outfits. So, it was kind of like, take the hint, this is your color. Go with it. Accept the change. Pink everything.

VH: When you showed me bits of your cool outfits before, you mentioned that you are vintage-obsessed, that you basically go vintage shopping anywhere you go.

GD: Yeah, I try. If I have time, I try to hit some shops because different countries and different cities have completely different shopping. You can find really rare or interesting stuff.

VH: Which city is the best you’ve found so far for vintage shopping?

GD: I really like San Francisco. I think there are a lot of vintage stores and they have a lot of good stuff. But Paris is great. I even check in Lithuania. I check everywhere – there is stuff to be found. Some days you can go and don’t find anything, and on another you find ten different things.

Gloves by Vintage | Sunglasses by Vintage Chanel
Shirt by Prada Man | Blazer by Acne Studios | Scarf by Hermès

VH: Now, what I am personally also very interested in: How on earth do you survive Fashion Week? How many suitcases do you start with and how many do you manage to get home – or, do you not shop during Fashion Week?

GD: I don’t shop during Fashion Week, simply because I don’t have time. It’s very busy. I am very, very organized. I am a great packer. I am excellent – it’s a skill.

VH: Next season – packing with Giedre.

GD: Yeah, I can teach people! Well, I pack one big suitcase, one piece of hand luggage, and I do all the Fashion Weeks with that. I pack in looks.

VH: Who has been your biggest inspiration? Or, do you have somebody you look up to?

GD: I think there are a few people that I look up to. I definitely have to say I love Phoebe [Philo]. I love working with her. She is super funny. And I also like Christiane [also from Céline] in a different way and for different inspiration. She is super funny, too.

Also, I get inspired working with different stylists. I love to see how they imagine clothes, how they put things together. (…) And I get inspired while traveling.

Sunglasses by Supreme & Vintage Chanel
Sunglasses by Supreme & Vintage Chanel
Pumps & Blanket by Céline | Pants by Lemaire

VH: What is important in your life?

GD: Family and relaxing. And when I say relaxing, it’s like…I am constantly working. I just want to see my friends and go to movies and just really do normal stuff and relax.

VH: I couldn’t agree more!!! Thank you so much for having us, Giedre!!!

Vintage Gloves | Pants by Céline | Belt by Supreme


Photos: Miriam Marlene Waldner
Video: Uljana Andreeva

Born and raised in Munich/Germany, Veronika’s professional career has developed from being a model to a fashion editor, to online luxury retailing and most recently style editor of Harpers Bazaar Germany. She currently lives in Berlin where in the beginning of 2015 she started a company with Julia Knolle, the ex-editor at large of Vogue Digital.
Oh, and she loves pugs!