Wardrobe Detox for More Sustainability in Everyday Life

It’s not always easy to integrate sustainability into everyday life. But thanks to shops like Vestiaire Collective, at least you can start with your closet

The thing about sustainability is that it sometimes fails in real life. Even if I’m highly motivated to go shopping for vegetables with my reusable cotton bags and want to use my car as little as possible, I’m often thwarted in everyday life because of maxims like “the winner takes it all” and “I want to pack as much efficiency as possible in 24 hours.” When purchasing a wardrobe, however, you can act more comfortably and at your own pace. I’ve sung the praise of a minimalist wardrobe often enough. In my opinion, it suffices to concentrate on the most necessary things when it comes to the basics, and I’ve also recently added a new accessory: a super glow created by a plant-based diet and a healthy lifestyle (more on that another time).

When Phoebe Philo‘s resignation was announced after ten years as the head of Céline, I scrolled through Vestiaire Collective and snatched up one of the last designs she was responsible for: a small evening bag that I had discovered ages ago on Eleonore Nygårds’ Instagram (@nygards) and which will never be sold normally again. Some brown boots by Isabel Marant also moved in with me which had gotten the perfect patina from their previous owner.

Many a buying impulse is triggered by seeing a certain piece on an inspiring woman. The illusion sprouts up that those shoes, that bag, or that sweater will make you look just as chic as the lady in question. This conviction turns out to be false in some cases, but it can also prove true in some others. Through Vestiaire Collective, my eco-conscious self can now serve some of the needs of my adventure shopper self so that I don’t have to indulge in ethically unacceptable fast-fashion. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all that some women bequeath me the treasures they’ve culled from their closets. In return, it allows me to clean out my own closet regularly and have a healthy turnover rate of accessories, shoes, and other little things.

So far, our hey woman! flea market has always been a well-attended success: Our readers apparently share this basic idea of environmentally conscious shopping. Until the next time at the end of April, Vestiaire Collective will remain my favorite digital destination. Et voilà, here are my pre-loved pieces.

Get inspired by the website of Vestiaire Collective  here or their instagram account here. 

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