Video: “The Better You” Vol. I by Katharina Korbjuhn

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Katharina Korbjuhn’s video series The Better You looks at self-optimization in all its forms. It kicks off with the topic of smoking

It always gives me great pleasure when hey woman! can serve as a platform to present the thoughts and projects of great women. And today we present a new video series thought up by Katharina Korbjuhn. We met in Berlin – now she lives in New York.

As the title of the series – The Better You – suggests, it’s about Millennials and their passion for self-optimization. Out with unhealthy lifestyles, in with the benefits of the “holistic paradise.” The first episode of the series is dedicated to one question: How do I give up smoking? An acupuncturist and an osteopath give their opinions – but see for yourself:

Katharina Korbjuhn:

Exploring the vast possibilities of getting closer to immortality, The Better You rethinks your 2018 wellness-routine with the help of acupuncture, tarot readings, sound baths, and lots of adaptogens.

You might have read about it already: The new luxury is “the better you.” Think $10 green juices, upscale silent retreats or yoga, meditation, and more yoga. What our parents started as a hippie counter-culture now belongs to the etiquette of cool. We are re-thinking the lifestyles of the past, looking to become the best versions of ourselves. But is it actually working?

I am one of the religiously healthy – to the point of obsession, even social oppression. It’s hard to find a restaurant to go to with me anymore… if the menu doesn’t say gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free. And no grains please! I wish I could go back to a good old pasta with parmesan cheese on top, but that’s comparable to our desire for pre-iPhone, Nokia times. Everything seemed better, but we don’t actually want to go back.

Brands have picked up on the new consumer state of mind. They are marketing heavily to our new-found anxieties, offering $40 therapeutic sports classes (like Taryn Toomey’s phenomenon “The Class”) or selling cleansing Palo Santo incense sticks for $30 (that I last bought when I was completely broke).

We are experiencing the rise of a new social awareness, wrapped in sheer extremes.

We’ll see if the decades to come will take this movement from a self-centered obsession to a greater good. But let’s discuss that over a green smoothie.

Katharina Korbjuhn (Instagram: @katkorb) is a German creative director living in New York. After modeling for the likes of Hedi Slimane and Vivienne Westwood, she switched sides to explore fashion and its descendant: wellness.

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