Top 3: Brands with a Sustainable Approach

Blazé Milano, Admise Paris, and Adidas x Parley are the latest brands to approach sustainable change. We take a closer look

Sustainability is something that we all appreciate and like to talk about while scoping out the latest trends and watching how brands approach this new awareness. Obviously there is still a lot of room for improvement and not everything is perfect – yet! we’re always hoping to create a bigger, long-term change – but we are seeing the first steps on the road to a better future in fashion. That’s why I am happy to present the following brands that surprised us with a greener collection:

Blazé Milano x Arizona Muse

This was announced last week and we got excited immediately: Our favorite blazer brand, Blazé Milano, teamed up with US top model Arizona Muse to create an eco-friendly capsule collection. In order to make sure the materials were sustainably sourced, the brand got some help from The Sustainable Angle, a not-for-profit organization that supports projects that contribute to minimizing the environmental impact of the industry – and society. “While we are still a niche brand, we really feel the responsibility to take action and show that high-end quality and sophisticated design can definitely co-exist with a fully eco-friendly approach,” said Blazé Milanoe founders Corrada Rodriguez D’Acri, Delfina Pinardi, and Maria Sole Torlonia.

Instagram: @blaze_milano

Admise Paris x Monica Ainley & Camille Charrière

Made in Paris. With this statement, Admise Paris is conquering the female suit scene both at home and around the world. Sourcing from dead stock, they re-new suits und make them their own. Oh, and by the way, our favorite It-Girls Monica Ainley and Camille Charrière from Fashion No Filter just designed a capsule collection for the french brand (which sold out immediately). We love this upcycling approach and hope it will serve as a role model for other brands.

Instagram: @admiseparis

Adidas x Parley

Have you heard of this? The shoes are made out of recycled plastic bottles that were fished from the oceans. It may sound weird, and maybe even too-good-to-be-true, but that’s the reality of many eco-friendly brands looking for new fabrics and techniques to minimize the waste humans have produced through the decades. Even though Adidas itself isn’t known for having the most sustainable and socially conscious approach, they have been cooperating with eco-friendly brands such as Stella McCartney to transform their processes over the last few years.

Instagram: @adidas