Top 10: Brunch Spots in Berlin 2018

Julia Fricke & Catie Teles

Let’s brunch! Julia F. and Catie picked out their favorite cafes for breakfast in Berlin

It’s that time again: New year, new cafés and brunch places you absolutely have to try. After all, isn’t it considered good manners in Berlin to spend your weekend mornings over ample breakfasts and brunches? That was reason enough for Julia Fricke and Catie to gather up a list of all the (newest) favorite places:

1. The Future Breakfast

Those who lose their bearings in deepest Neukölln should try to find their way to The Future Breakfast. Katie and Flo finally opened a permanent location on Böhmische Straße a few months ago. Many of you will already know them from their stands at Markthalle Neun and the popular street food market Bite Club. Using fresh, organic ingredients, the two limit their rotating menu to around five dishes that range from Eggs Benedict to pancakes – each, however, with its own twist.

The Future Breakfast
Böhmische Str. 46
12055 Berlin

U7 Neukölln / S-Bahn Sonnenallee
Instagram : @thefuturebreakfast

2. Kaffee Ingwer

Kaffee Ingwer | ©catiepetite

Kaffee Ingwer is a new addition in Friedrichshain that won’t just win you over with its location and simple yet lovingly-designed interior, but also with its great products. If you feel the need for a ginger shot, a tasty yogurt with homemade granola and fruit, or simply some cake or an avocado sandwich, you should definitely stop by. On a good day, you can even spend almost the entire day sitting in the sun. (PS: Everything is vegan, even if that only plays a small role.)

Kaffee Ingwer
Wühlischstraße 12
10245 Berlin

U1 Warschauerstraße / S-Bahn Ostkreuz
Instagram: @kaffeeingwer

3. Pastel

Pastel | ©catiepetite

I’ve already known about them since my childhood (due to my Portuguese roots), but they’ve been experiencing a lot of hype in Berlin for the last two years: We’re talking about pasteis de nata. There is a small but very cute shop in the Wrangelkiez in Kreuzberg run by the Bekarei where you can drink typical coffee specialties like galão while pursuing your passion for the little pastries. The best thing about Pastel: There is also a vegan version that comes incredibly close to the original. Ideal for those who like it small and sweet in the morning.

Wrangelstraße 44
10997 Berlin

U1 Schlesisches Tor
Instagram: @bekarei

4. Fechtner Delikatessen

If you know and follow hey woman!, then you know that we happily get our lunches and catering from Fechtner Delikatessen. As they put it so well on their own website: “It’s a place for a substantial breakfast, a healthy lunch, and a fresh snack in between.” You can also choose between croissants, Bircher muesli, oat milk porridge, warm breakfast dishes, and selected salads. Of course, the homemade juices and filtered water from our friends and partners of Leogant can’t be left out.

Fechtner Delikatessen
Torstraße 114 
10119 Berlin

U8 Rosenthaler Platz
Instagram: @fechtnerberlin

5. No58 Speiserei

You’ll find the Speiserei (as friends lovingly call it) in the heart of Schillerkiez. Sarah Lebkücher and Theresa Helmich have won over their customers with vegetarian and vegan dishes predominantly made from regional ingredients. From sourdough sandwiches to egg dishes and homemade cakes, there are great things on offer throughout the morning and afternoon. My personal tip: the hearty vegetable muffins with avocado, hummus, and sprouts are simply perfect for a small morning appetite!

No58 Speiserei
Weisestraße 58
12049 Berlin

U8 Boddinstraße
Instagram: @no58speiserei

6. Kaffeebar

A weekend without a trip to Kaffeebar is somehow only ever half as good. The ritual: A post-workout, freshly showered walk down Maybachufer to Gräfestrasse on Saturday morning. The order is a ritual, as well: A flat white and croissant followed either by avocado toast and egg or the tasty overnight oats. The green fresh-pressed juice can’t be left out, of course. And for the crazy days, there’s Eggs Benedict. It’s a nice place to sit and take in the hip crowd with a gossip rag in own hand and a coffee in the other.

Graefestraße 8
10967 Berlin

U8 Schönleinstraße
Instagram: @kaffeebarberlin

7. Camon Coffee

Hmmm, and what to do when it’s too full at the very popular Kaffeebar? Head down to the amazing alternative on Sonnenallee. The coffee is as least as good over at Camon Coffee, as are the breakfast options with overnight oats, hearty sandwiches, and amazingly tasty banana bread.

Camon Coffee
Sonnenallee 27 
12047 Berlin

U7+8 Hermannplatz
Instagram: @camon_coffee

8. Lok6

We’ve been going for Sunday brunch at Lok6 regularly since last summer and gathering around a large wood table to talk, eat, and drink coffee, matcha latte, or homemade lemonade – and preferably with a lot of friends. The brunch menu is always changing, but as soon as the French toast shows up on it, all inhibitions go out the window. It is that unbelievably good. And their egg dishes are just as good, maybe the best in town. Whether that comes down to the organic and regional products or because a dear friend is the chef and co-owner? I think it’s a bit of both. And after the delicious gluttony, you can comfortably stretch your legs in the bordering Park at Gleisdreick.

Am Lokdepot 6
10965 Berlin

U7 Yorckstraße
Instagram: @lok6_restaurant

9. Hallmann & Klee

A small mountain of pancakes, ideally topped with crispy bacon, served up on a Saturday morning – sometimes it’s unbeatable. But the ambience at Hallmann & Klee, which is located on Böhmischer Platz opposite the aforementioned Future Breakfast, is also every bit as good. Surrounded by a reduced approach to design in cool concrete, light bulbs hanging over sturdy wood tables, and a few flowers here and there, you can really let yourself go here on the weekend and watch the cooks while they’re preparing the food (it’s an open kitchen). The avocado toast is especially good here as it gets its own twist and is anything but “ordinary.”

Hallmann & Klee
Böhmische Str. 13
12055 Berlin

U7 Neukölln
Instagram: @hallmannundklee

10. Paulinski Palme

Paulinski Palme is new to Rixdorf. With ginger shots in liquor glasses, pastrami sandwiches, or pancakes with plums, thyme, and walnuts, Paul and Max wanted to create a next-level combination of a breakfast house, restaurant, and pub in one located in the historical heart of Rixdorf. If you’re in the area in the evening, you can enjoy the evening menu from 6pm until 10pm. Or just stop by for a drink any time of day.

Paulinski Palme
Richardstraße 76
12043 Berlin

U7 Neukölln
Instagram: @paulinskipalme