Shopping: Valentine’s Day

© Franziska Steinle

The innumerable emails landing in our inboxes with hearts and special offers prove it: Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Madeleine describes her view of things

I tried to reserve a table at a Berlin restaurant a few days ago as my mom will be in town to celebrate her birthday. After four attempts and no success in making that reservation, I started to wonder. The 14th of February, for three people – that was what absolutely needed to happen. It helps to ask questions: It’s Valentine’s Day, it turned out. All of Berlin apparently wanted a romantic day and it was just me who wanted to celebrate my mom’s birthday. And with three of us, at that.

This day doesn’t exist in my world, and that’s because it was always another day – one far away from chocolates and roses and forced dates. I do, however, appreciate the zealous pleas for this important day of love and the amusing change of pace they make in my inbox. The press world comes on thick and fast with unattractive designs, unusually tender, and above all very generic emails on the topic of love.

But if we don’t want to be so strict about it, it’s totally meant to be nice (quite definitely). There are lots of special editions of bags, shoes, watches, and candles with a heart on them. The symbol of the day is fixed. The color code as well, somewhere between red and pink. Netflix sends suggestions with films for a romantic evening: 50 First Dates, Dirty Dancing, or maybe Hitch. I don’t think my boyfriend could imagine spending a worse night with me.

Something I’ve just noticed: the 14 % discount on various products in various retail sectors. And I’m happy for the first time because it shows what it’s honestly all about: buying a lot of stuff. Sometimes I ask myself – and really, only very rarely – if it wouldn’t be nice to celebrate Valentine’s Day properly with all the trappings that come with it. However, the marketing probably counts more than the interpersonal romance, and that’s why I ask myself at all (very rarely).

I finally did find a restaurant for the 14th of February. We’re going to celebrate a birthday. With a lot of love.

Madeleine is a fashion journalist. For as long as she can remember she has been passionate about fashion and accessories, in particular cashmere sweaters and jewelry. After five years of working at Vogue Germany’s fashion department in Munich, she decided to encounter a new challenge and move to Berlin. Her role at hey woman! allows her to combine her passion for styling, creative directing and writing. Madeleine is also good at imitating a Swiss accent and trying to be a cook.

©Phillip Schlegel