Shopping: Tortoise Shell

© Franziska Steinle

Earrings or an eye-catching bag – tortoise shell accessories make us long for summer

The interplay of light and dark brown and amber tones, which combines so wonderfully with gold jewelry, linen dresses, and tanned skin, makes tortoiseshell a unique material. Fortunately, it has been produced artificially for more than 40 years, and now the shell of the turtle serves only as an inspiration – no longer as the material itself. And yet, the unique texture seems to carry the idea of sunny walks on the beach and the sound of the ocean with it.

Just in time to fuel our anticipation of spring and summer, labels like Cult Gaia or Après Ski are launching beautiful, tortoise shell jewelry collections. Other labels like Simon Miller are integrating the horn-like material into their designs and allowing the material and color combinations to speak for themselves (we’ll just say Bonsai Bucket Bag).