Shopping: How to use

© Franziska Steinle enables users to shop from different social media channels. We explain how it works

On average, Millennials spend about five hours a day on their phones. 90% of that time is spent surfing various social media platforms, with Instagram being one of the most important channels and one of the top 10 most downloaded mobile apps. It’s easy to pick out a trend here: Social media is no longer just a place to upload private photos and make personal connections – it’s being used more and more as a source of personal inspiration.

Amber Venz, the founder of rewardStyle, recognized this trend early on and developed an app that takes pure inspiration and makes it a reality: – the name says it all – allows consumers to buy their favorite looks on various social media channels (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest) with a simple screenshot. The app now has 1 million registered users around the world.

You can easily find your favorite products in four simple steps:

You can also follow your favorite publications. Just type “heywomancom” in the search field and you’ll find our shopable Instagram content!

Translation: Melissa Frost