Selfmade Experts: Jenn Tardif from 3rd Ritual

Jenn Tardif is an expert in the field of yoga and meditation. Now she’s founded her own company with a focus on mindful living: 3rd Ritual

Jenn Tardif is a yoga and meditation teacher at our beloved New York studio Sky Ting Yoga and also an expert in the field of aromatherapy. She previously led product and marketing for Behance – a company that is now part of Adobe. And now she has launched a new project of her own: 3rd Ritual. Here she explains how it started and what 3rd Ritual is all about:

As the name suggests, our offering is threefold and spans mindful objects, esoteric content, and workshops. I’ve always believed that simple rituals can inspire sacred experiences, so we’ve made it our mission to provide them.

The workshops began organically. I’d been leading yoga and meditation in New York for some time, but I wanted to offer more techniques for cultivating a peaceful state of being that expanded well beyond the mat. I started small with a few seasonal events for longtime students and friends and, after witnessing the tangible effects of these practices firsthand, I began developing a custom line of mindful objects. There was an opportunity to bridge the gap between authenticity and design in the world of wellness so I developed tangible products to enable people to perform these rituals independently. I believe that objects should be as useful as they are beautiful and hope this comes across in our debut product, the BEL, which uses fire, gravity, and sound to measure time.

Our most accessible offering is the Rituals section of our site, which spans conversations with mystics and makers, DIY rituals, and articles that provide context and guidance for practices like smudging and ceremonies. Although my relationship with ritual began at a very young age, the idea to share these practices didn’t arise until after leaving my corporate gig, which I did without much of a plan. I knew that I wasn’t on the right path, so I left and gave myself permission and time to find the one that was. This was key in forming the business because I believe that anything worth doing takes time.

My husband and I celebrated my newfound freedom with a road trip across the American Southwest where we hiked, meditated, and asked ourselves questions like “what are you most passionate about?” and “if not now, when?” It was on this trip, sitting on the edge of a red rock in Sedona, Arizona, that it became apparent that what I was searching for didn’t exist, but that I was uniquely positioned to create it. The biggest obstacle has undoubtedly been finding the right vendors to partner with. Although there are suppliers who support small businesses and care about quality as much as we do, they are few and far between. My advice for overcoming this is to do as much research as possible before contacting a vendor, ask tough questions about their process from the get-go, and to not be afraid of ending a relationship if commitments aren’t fulfilled. I am also lucky to have inspiring mentors supporting my yogic journey, like Nevine Michaan and Nikki Costello, and in business, like my former boss Scott Belsky. I’m a big fan of asking for and sharing advice because we’re better off learning together.

From inception to release, our products take years to perfect, so instead of adhering to a rigid launch schedule, we roll things out when they’re ready and not a minute sooner. Our next product will be an all-natural apothecary blend designed for palm inhalation and savasana. We sourced the best all natural ingredients and tested several recipes on friends and students. When it became clear that we had a winner, we began development and now, nearly a year later, we can’t wait to share it with the world.

Visit the 3rd Ritual website here or get inspired by their Instagram account here.

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