Review: Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018/2019

©Franziska Steinle

Veronika and Madeleine were out and about during Milan Fashion Week and have put together a summary of their personal highlights

Veronika (VH) and Madeleine (MA) went off to Milan as a hey woman! team for the first. The great thing is that two sets of eyes see more and see it better – and it’s also more fun. This means that we’re reviewing Milan Fashion Week together, with all of the shows, presentations, and events.

The shows from Gucci (banging location) and Prada (bonus points thanks to the specially programmed GIFs) were certainly among our highlights and the clothes, sets, and casting left us with lasting inspiration. But smaller presentations like those by Blazé Milano, Attico, and Restless Sleepers also impressed us. The best side event was thanks to Veronika’s pregnancy: Daily lunch breaks with pasta were part of our regular schedule. Delicious.

Favorite Looks

MA: Milan, like Paris, is home to the great traditional houses. While New York and London show a lot of young designers and it’s often wearable or experimental, here it’s exciting to see how the big super-houses see the new season. Prada had a striking and exciting mix of neon colors and functional materials. Francesco Risso at Marni let his models walk through the rows unusually feminine and sexy in vinyl coats (wow), glittery dresses, and long feather earrings. Jil Sander, on the other hand, led us into dreamy worlds and chief designers Lucie and Luke Meier somehow managed to calm all the spectators for a few minutes through fashion and music, and at least brought me to a pause.

VH: If you can still remember that origami game called “cootie catcher” from your childhood, then you’ll have a better idea of the emotional rollercoaster ride that I find myself on every season during Milan Fashion Week. Who will win? Gucci, Prada – Prada, Gucci – will it be Prada, or Gucci? Gucci. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to figure out. That probably has to do with the fact that the two Italian mega-brands couldn’t be more different. And that’s why both win for me. Starting with great evening gowns in velvet, silk, and metallic mesh garnished with opulent full-body crystal flourishes and ending with probably the most unsightly sneakers of the season – perhaps even of the year, which is known to be the accolade of the It shoe – Gucci’s Fall/Winter parade in front of glistening surgical light hardly left a topic out. Prada, on the other hand, surprised us with a new location – the freshly opened high complex of the Fondazione, which of course was also designed by Rem Koolhaas and rewarded us with a magnificent view of the huge railway cemetery opposite. The icing on the cake were the neon signs of the famous Prada logos and the monkey iconography – bananas, etc. – in combination with fantastic nylon looks, tulle bows, and geeky clip-on ID cards.

Personal Trend

MA: Vinyl and patent leather are striking – especially at this fashion week. From muted tones to bright colors, it was all there (and I think it’s really great).

VH: If there were a school at which these were the compulsory “uniforms,” I would enroll for life.

Best Set

MA: At Marni, you sat in bays on stacks of newspaper, carpets, or used, colorful tube television sets. And it didn’t matter where you looked (when you weren’t looking at the clothes): You’d always discover another zany detail.

Presentations and Re-See Moments

MA: Colorful and a lot of everything – that’s Gucci. At the re-see, I was left in peace to discover all parts of the show, from coats to underwear, shoes to hats, and let’s not forget the jewelry, bags, and the baby dragon that mutated into a social media star. There was no less to see at Prada, where every part was inspected. My favorite was a knitted sweater and wool bucket hat. Whereas it was a little quieter at Blazé Milano at the Hotel Don Carlos, where the new designs were presented. My favorite item: a white blazer with black dots.


Many thanks to Maserati for support during Milan Fashion Week.
Authors: Veronika Heilbrunner & Madeleine Abeltshauser
Translation: Melissa Frost