Review: London Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2018

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London is Veronika’s highlight throughout the fashion weeks. A review of the shows, trends and events

I’ve said it before and I can only say it again: London is my favorite fashion week. That’s for several reasons. First of all, over the course of only four days you can dive into an emphatically creative and talented universe that is, most importantly, unique. I feel like the major players all go their own way here, and without looking too much to the left or to the right. And that is big surprise highly enjoyable to watch, especially after the long haul in New York (which I skipped this time).

I’d also like to say thanks to my new colleague Madeleine Abeltshauser for taking over the fashion department here at hey woman! Our reviews have gotten a little facelift and are more condensed: less words, more info. What’s not to like  .

Favorite Looks

Please don’t be disappointed: You’ll find all the usual suspects here in my favorite looks list. I can’t help but fall in love with each and every Christopher Kane collection, which this time around was dark and inspired by sex (how he described it himself). The crystals and colors did it for me, but also the 90s shapes, little feather bits, angel prints, and just the overall badass attitude.

The other girl is the one I always want to be. And yes, it’s a bit confusing because she oozes elegance and grandezza. But yes, you’re guessing correctly: I’m talking about Erdem. The materials and embellishments let you dream of costume movies, royal weddings, and chic parties that took place some hundred years ago. And what else can you do but freak out when you’re sitting with Kristen McMenamy and her daughter Lily? But there is more to discover! Swipe!


I had to leave London right after JW Anderson due to a family emergency, and therefore missed the happening. So I am even more thankful for our digital times and my #FOMO was under control. Christopher Bailey’s last collection was his 66th in his 17 years at Burberry. I’m totally in love with the casting, the laser show, and of course the rainbows.

Front Row

Another plus at London Fashion Week is the guests!!! This is the city where the chance of running into a rockstar like Noel Gallagher or superstar like Kate Moss can easily become a reality. My personal “star moment” was my friends Alexa Chung and Bryan Boy sitting with Raf Simons at JW Anderson’s show.

Shades of Lipstick

Red and pink aren’t new to the runways, but I hadn’t seen such a beautiful edit in a while. What are your top three? Mine are Simone Rocha’s blood red trench dress, and of course Erdem’s peach-pink gown and Molly Goddard’s dusty smock.


Another thing that I felt stood out was all of the lightheartedness even though we were looking at fall/winter collections. There was a lot of fluff and transparency. The silken tissue dress JW Anderson sent down the runway is an exceptional example.

Night Out

Erdem celebrated his collaboration with NARS in his show location: The National Portrait Gallery. An endlessly chic guest list that included Caroline Sieber, Lady Burlington, and of course Kristen McMenamy wearing the “dream in pink” as well as the exceptionally beautiful flowers made for a wonderful Monday night out in London.


Here are my favorite moments from the London streets…which are always looking good, no matter if it’s rain or shine!

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