My World: Brianna Lance

Brianna Lance is creative director, painter, musician, DJ & editor, in short an all-round talent who inspires us regularly with her fresh spirit on Instagram. Today she gives us an insight into her world

Let’s say there are three things that make my heart beat when I scroll through Instagram Stories. One of them is for sure when Brianna Lance shares her yoga routine with a personal explanation in a very approachable, totally non-annoyingly way too UBER Zen and everything. But that is not even her whole story: She paints with watercolors and perfectly manages to document this special skill in such a digestible way as well, that I basically find everything she does highly inspiring OR entertaining. She describes herself as a “creative director, painter, musician, dj and editor. I essentially just make things for a living“. It was about time that we feature this one of a kind personality that feels so close yet she is so far away in New York, every other day:

Please describe your style in three words

Colors, comfort and pants that are too short for me

What is your first fashionable memory?

My mom’s closet. She had a cedar closet with all of her old, really cool stuff – that was amazing

Your ideal breakfast?

I have a protein smoothie every day but I would rather have a chocolate croissant

The song that makes you dance?

Anything by CAN or William Onyeabor

The book you re-read many times?

Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann

Childhood hero?

Nina Simone

Piece(s) of jewelry you wear every single day?

My grandmother’s emerald pinky ring

Designer/Label you expect big things from?

My girl Sarah Staudinger’s label Staud

The designer you would love to wear head to toe when you are a granny?

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent

Your favorite color?

Sea foam green

Your signature shoes?

Ballet flats

What is your dream car?

I don’t have one, really. But I’d love a car with someone who drives me around in it.

Your favourite pet?

My pomeranian Larry David

Your favorite flower?

Casablanca lilies

Top three things on your wishlist?

Non-selfish: environmental solutions and regulations, people to stop eating meat, and more equality for women and minorities

Selfish: get my body more toned, go to the south of France, and find a boyfriend exactly like Sam Shepard  

Most inspiring movie?

The Great Beauty by Paolo Sorrentino

Your favorite getaway?

Anywhere in Mexico

The best restaurant?

Casa Enrique in Queens NYC

Your favorite shops in New York for nutrition & holistic wellbeing?

High Vibe and The Alchemist’s Kitchen

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Hopefully a lot more content with myself and with a lot more island retreats

Last (cultural) discovery that blew your mind?

The cult’s clothing in the Wild Wild Country documentary series

Top three magazines (on- or offline) or Instagram accounts?

So it Goes (because I edit for them), Flaunt (because I did my music video release project with them) and Puss Puss Mag because they work with some of my favorite people and photographers to create the coolest images

Follow Brianna on Instagram (@breez_lance) here.

Julia co-founded one of the first fashion blogs in Germany in 2007 and became a freelance consultant for digital strategies after publishing her first book in 2010. After an eventful four years with Condé Nast working mainly in the digital department of Vogue Germany, she decided to launch her own online magazine with her dream partner, Veronika Heilbrunner. She is based in Berlin and loves to read books.

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