Horoscope 2018

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Alexandra Kruse knows what the universe has in store for us! In her 2018 horoscope, she looks at every single sign of the zodiac

The mantra for the new year is: “Love is everything. There is nothing without love.” (The little note on your Yogi Tea also says that!) The start of everything – basically the Big Bang and the golden key – is gratitude, humility, and a deep love for ourselves and life itself. That’s because we can only love others and receive love to the extent to which we love ourselves. That may sound like an Instagram-friendly calendar message, but is more difficult than you think. Self-love: It’s about a bit more than a 200 face mask, scented candles, and a bubble bath. It’s about the strength to get up again and again, just like the sun does every day. Anyone who really comes to terms with themselves and looks at the rollercoaster of their own thoughts and the carousel of their emotions – and at what they really are, an eternal funfair – turns a benevolent eye to themselves and can allow peace to return. The carnival simply moves on, as is its nature. Peace begins in each and every one of us. I know: This is the master class, high school, and the art of living. And simply impossible, because we are human beings and only part-time goddesses.

Five eclipses, 13 full moons (the first was in the emotional sign of Cancer right on the first day of the new year). And three rounds of Mercury in retrograde – a powerful year under the rule of magical Venus awaits us. Venus, that’s a feminine principle. Grande emozione. The rise of the woman is no longer a rumor. Whether entering the room loudly in a pussy hat or quietly in Chanel ballerina flats, each of us has a voice that wants to be heard now. The feminine principle is occupying more and more space. You can’t ignore it anymore – watch out you Harveys, Terrys, and Donalds, #metoo was just the beginning. As female beings, it is our task to lead the way as the most shining example possible. Finally putting one’s own needs first has nothing to do with selfishness.

All that we are looking for outside is – surprise – there to be found in ourselves. So, let’s get out of thinking from a place of lack and into one of abundance. Nagging doubt can book a ticket to the North Pole and melt away. The eternal fear of not being good enough can book a one-way ticket to Bali and visit the seething volcanoes. And speaking of volcanoes – we are coming up on the Year of the Dog in the Chinese horoscope. And that dog is more like an untrained bitch that does what she wants – here today, there tomorrow. She’s anything but a lapdog and certainly no Chihuahua, even if we love them for their connection to unicorns and Paris Hilton. Reliabilityloyalty, and devotion are given a new significance. It is about stability through discipline, keeping hold of the common thread, and not losing sight of goals.

Mid 19th Century Solar System Illustrations by Asa Smith
©Mid 19th Century Solar System Illustrations by Asa Smith


Saturn, which rules structure and order, is now visiting Capricorn and therefore more or less at home – which doesn’t make the whole thing easier, but rather stricter. We are talking about classic masculine energy (banks, taxes…), so to say. Saturn is a little bit like the math teacher who’s secretly really a good guy, it’s just that no one’s allowed to realize it. The good thing: When you know, you can deal with it. Uranus, the technology planet, crosses into earthy Taurus on May 15th, ending a seven-year cycle in Aries – time for a few inventions that could put an end to the global hunger crisis, for example. Many things in our lives can be stabilized. Diligence and years of hard work pay off and sustainable partnerships are established in the business sector. Jupiter is still in sexy Scorpio until the beginning of November, a kind of “deep dive” that tackles the really big topics and our luck. This was last the case in 2005/2006 (it’s worth taking a look back). It’s a bad time for rush jobs that don’t take risk into account. Best get those big secrets out in the open now.

Times of competition make room for true cooperation. It’s about a new togetherness. Connectivity, balance, happiness, and health are the golden currency of the new age and the true luxury. We rediscover love for Mother Earth and finally recognize our planet as a holy place. Networking creates a dense web of real connections of the heart between people, between parties, and across borders – our own as well as those set by nations. The wave of love does not stop for anyone. Singles are now more willing than in years before to tie themselves down and make a commitment. It’s a good year to get married. Or to be looking for a second man, like Tilda Swinton.

Viewed numerologically, the year is a 2+0+1+8 = 11; 1+1 = 2. Here too, it is very clear: It’s about combining qualities, personal freedom and genuine partnership, individuality and commitment – the old game, newly served, because the time for compromises is finally OVER.

Always remember: A horoscope is no more (and no less) than a map showing a possible path. We are, and remain, the travelers. May heaven be with us.

Aries – The magicians with horns who comes, sees, and conquers




Your focus points for 2018: Career, status, and the right use for two strong horns. It’s a kind of practice year in preparation for even bigger things than before. Saturn, the Lord of Karma, moved into the house of learning and travel on December 20th – so don’t wonder when it all starts out rather strict and with red cloths. Anyone who’s been swimming in the shallows according to the rules up until this point shouldn’t be surprised when someone pulls the plug – only to make room for the actual purpose of the matter, of course, to finally be independent, to climb the career ladder, and to realize one’s plans. Saturn is in Capricorn, another horned animal – there may be a few skirmishes. In any case, its classical values (such as discipline, endurance, and diligence) can’t hurt. Even if they sound boring with a capital “B.” The rocky road will be worthwhile and 2018 can bring great success and well-deserved recognition. That, by the way, also applies to boot camps, marathons, and other athletic challenges. At least the cosmic giant Jupiter ensures easy cash flow and that the “law of attraction” pays off in gold coins.

I know that being a pioneer (as an Aries, you lead in the zodiac…) is not always cotton candy – the best way to learn is from women who have gone before and to read biographies. Apart from that, everything else that serves direct or indirect self-discovery is advisable. Scorpio in the 8th house, the house where an I becomes a WE, promises sexy times in some form or other (somebody said “orgasmic meditation”?!? OMMMMMM). And, it looks as if commitment could come knocking, whether in the form of a greyhound, a marriage, or a job in Southeast Asia – the art lies in retaining freedom despite being bound. The best news: After SEVEN years in Aries, the planet of the unforeseen things, of authenticity and individual expression will move a house further on May 15th and won’t come back until 2094 – that means take a deep breath. And reconsider what was different seven years ago. Probably EVERYTHING. Don’t forget: You are SO ready!!!!

Taurus – The beautiful butterfly enticed by love

Sun in Taurus: April 19 – May 20, 2018

New Moon in Taurus: May 15, 2018

Full Moon in Taurus: October 24, 2018

It’s different than you think. The process that takes the caterpillar to the butterfly by way of the cocoon (think of the children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar) is called metamorphosis and is probably the most beautiful image of transformation. As a Taurus in 2018, you can calmly answer the question of how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. This should make everything clear: The loneliness of pupation, the pain of new wings, and the voracious appetite in between – every phase of the process has its own unique beauty and is not always comprehensible from the outside. It doesn’t matter. After all, this is about the classical idea of “becoming a better human” and your soul doesn’t undergo such intense transformations every year. The good news: After years of austere Saturn, your wings are really coming this year – like a phoenix rising from your own ashes, so to speak. Uranus, the pioneer planet, will pass into your sign for the first time in 77 years during the new moon in Taurus in the middle of May and has many new things in store. I know, Taurus isn’t fond of big changes, but this year there is absolutely no way around it. The winds of change are blowing STRONG and can bring spontaneous moves to the other side of the world, the sudden termination of a so-called dream job, or other spontaneous maneuvers.

Jupiter in Scorpio, your opposite sign in the zodiac, brings a few new ideas on the subject of love into play. It could be that Mr. Right is completely different than expected. And suddenly you’re married to someone that you just find impossible. Who says that “conscious uncoupling” is only something for Gwyneth?!? Jupiter, and especially in conjunction with Uranus, sees to it that relationships that simply don’t fit (anymore) are gently allowed to say farewell or transform into something new. Saturn, which has been grouching around in the house of partnerships for the last three years, has certainly moved on. Everything should become a little lighter and brighter. Two eclipses also fall in the house of career and could provide for entirely new professional opportunities, and possibly even a completely new direction. Be courageous!! “Teaching what you want to learn and learning what you want to teach” could be your motto. Anything fun – a new language, for example. Preferably on location.

Gemini – On the way to a higher nature, in pointy boots

Sun in Gemini: May 20 – June 21, 2018

New Moon in Gemini: June 13, 2018

Full Moon in Gemini: November 23, 2018

Steady as she goes – the last few years have been a Saturn test to re-evaluate important relationships. Now is a time like the early morning hours at a party: Confetti is on the floor and the champagne is all gone, but the sun is rising and everything is in the wonderful light of the new day. Saturn is also known as the judge, the teacher of the difficult path – with Saturn in the house, that means distinguishing the day from the night, getting more clarity, and learning to say goodbye from the bottom of one’s heart, knowing that nothing that is meant for each other will ever part. Priorities will shift, superficialities will become secondary. The same thing every day, someone who grumpily slinks into the bathroom in sweatpants – not for imaginative twins who want more. More action, more commitment, and more showing up. Where is the longing? Where is the autonomy?

Fresh air! 2018 is about plunging into true nature. No more bullshit times – let go, in order to let go of all that is no longer alive and/or fits. That also applies to superfluous handbags – you have to start somewhere. The good news: The lessons in love will be passionate. Mama mia! Just don’t get too busy. It’s a good time to look at the shadows, to learn what there is to learn. Until November, lucky Jupiter in Scorpio in the 6th house provides for unusual diligence with organizational skills around work, routine, and health. So, don’t miss any dates due to treadmills. Get out in the fresh air. For as soon as Jupiter moves into your opposite sign, Sagittarius, you’ll be wheelbarrowing forward to 2019. Until then, eating good food, staying healthy, and take note of things – it’s all on the right track. Even if you don’t see tomorrow today. Incidentally, the best insurance on this path is joy that knows how to look at dawn.

Cancer – Queen of hearts on a love trip

Sun in Cancer: June 21 – July 22, 2018

New Moon in Cancer: July 12, 2018

Full Moon in Cancer: January 1 and December 22, 2018

The next year will be a Double Whopper – with cheese. And two full moons in a year is something like a cherry on top of the sundae. Even a favorable Jupiter all the way into the fall promises sparkling unicorn rain. Immediately after the first full moon in Cancer, an unbelievable six planets unite in the love sector – that is like getting six numbers in the lottery. January 17th is definitely made for LOVE! Jupiter enters the house of love, happiness, children, and creativity. “Voulez vous?” This question is definitely one to take seriously in 2018. If you don’t clearly state your needs, you will stay in the war tank (alone), only to protect your oversized heart and your sensitive soul – and that would be a pity. As a child of the moon, you simply feel passion differently, not so directly due to your thick, pink crustacean armor. It’s definitely getting thinner and makes you feel like we are beginning to treat our partners like we treat ourselves. The man working the cloakroom in the tank understands what you’re saying between all the watery blubbering and looks behind the tearful facade of self-pity and drama without losing his temper.

Pluto, the planet of change, provides for additional movement and no less than a honeymoon. In June, Venus will also enter Cancer and then you could really hear wedding bells. Although it’s been a long time since we’ve heard “boy meets girl, buys a golden retriever, has three kids, and moves into a terraced house,” getting married in 2018 is more than a concept – even if it’s just marrying your own happiness. Brides who say “I do” to themselves are definitely the hottest. It’s not even so bad anymore if the ring isn’t from Tiffany. Let’s be honest: It’s no longer one stone after another. Every second marriage ends in divorce and no one wants to check each other’s Instagram account for mysterious DMs anymore. Voluntary, fun-oriented, and at eye level – that’s the way it should be. Anyway, Saturn is at home for the next three years in Cancer’s house of relationships and is testing things. Because that’s its job. Speaking of jobs: For once, that’s not so important. It’s about the heart of the crab.

Leo – With drums and trumpets on the wild road to happiness

Sun in Leo: July 22 – August 23, 2018

New Moon in Leo: August 11, 2018

Full Moon in Leo: January 31, 2018

Camera ready? Nails done? That would be best. Groom your mane and off you go into a year that will leave no questions unanswered. There’s a super full moon and an eclipse in your sign on January 31st, something like a cosmic wake-up call. That means “full throttle ahead.” Especially since the eclipses were in Leo last year (including one with the solar eclipse), it’s kind of a series that’s bringing more or less radical change along with it. A kind of “boot camp for the soul,” led by Saturn, that strict math teacher whose first name is “discomfort” and whose middle name is “discipline.” Or it could be, depending on how diligent you are.

Saturn learns through crises. Now don’t be afraid – what’s being a lion for? The motivation behind it, however hard it may be to understand, is nothing but love. So, everything is new – there is hardly an area that should have remained untouched. “Change is the only constant” is one of Yogi Bhajan’s famous quotes. Tattooing it right away might be a bit too radical, but writing it in green on a white wall won’t hurt.

Fortunately, such a roller coaster doesn’t often happen in life, but once it’s in motion, there’s no stopping it. As in: buckle up and GO. Priorities will shift, whole energy fields as well – including the people you (now) attract. The secret (and presumably) only way to survive it all: a team made up of “go-to” personas for when things get shaky again. Whether professional go-to people or rock-solid friends, the better you’re organized, the easier it is. It is important to consciously nurture body and mind. Eat a lot and eat well, sleep, and just say “no, thank you.” Besides all the madness, there is very good “star news” for the lion pack: Family affairs and a beautiful home (the best in itself, but also happily beach front in Tulum) are under the direction of Jupiter – and Jupiter expands everything, likes to philosophize about it, and is not afraid of the super sensual. So, eyes open for homes, Bugaboos, and self-discovery courses.

Virgo – The eternal critic’s light switches on

Sun in Virgo: August 23 – September 23, 2018

New Moon in Virgo: September 9, 2018

Full Moon in Virgo: March 1, 2018

Saturn, the master of karma and connection, will hang in the house of romance for the next three years and makes sure that what needs to be repaired gets repaired. Critical minds could become a little more critical, placing their well-cherished feelings on the gold balance to be checked again. And they are checked because all rational considerations were rational. One realizes that men are only human beings, and as such they do their very best as humans. Or, you can wait until Silicon Valley finally introduces the perfect robot man – that’s possible, too.

But, the critical mind thing: The oft-quoted Buddha said it well: “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.” With even an intellectual Jupiter living in the third house until November – the house of communication, social contacts, orderly and neatly styled thoughts, and the talent to share them with the world – it’s high time you don’t get too lost in concepts, critiques, and contexts. Best give your brain enough podcasts, positive playlists, and affirmation and bring the metaphysical into the physical – then the inner critics will be silent. Which also makes their environment happy. That’s because the spoken word has more power than ever before and you should not only check what you think, but also what you say. Jupiter is also responsible for expansion in the house of platonic friendship, teaching, and sharing brilliant ideas, as well as unexpected contacts around the globe, even into other spheres. So you can give your Virgo empire a relaxed and well-planned rebranding, announce your message. The best way is digital – the pond of the nerd planet, Uranus, is migrating to the ninth house in May for the next eight years, which can be transformed into a huge self-publishing performance company. If you like. And when you are happy and glad, the hair can stay in the soup. Especially if it’s your own hair. And please don’t forget to have fun. Dancing, laughing, singing. Expression. You get it.

Libra – Calm and serene on the path to freedom

Sun in Libra: September 24 – October 23, 2018

New Moon in Libra: October 9, 2018

Full Moon in Libra: March 31, 2018

True forgiveness is a high art and of course it’s easier to leave your grudges in the cabinet for a bit, to brood over them. Forgiveness sounds like a risk. The truth is that an open heart can only remain open when it risks getting hurt. Here some old princess wisdom applies: Keep your head high, even if your neck is dirty, straighten your crown, and get up. As a Libra, 2018 is when you can forgive and balance just about anything, which is Libra’s nature. It’s logical that you can start with yourself. It will be a year of blooming – everything you have sewn over the last few years will now appear. A lot of work was done last year, seeds were planted, and everything went so fast that you might have forgotten to pat yourself on the back. Here too, the art of self-praise must be practiced.

To use the princess metaphor again: This year she can take a relaxed approach to turning into a radiant queen. A mixture of star money, shining talent for everything that glitters, sparkles, and shines, and a very just ruler who, like Marie Antoinette, suggests the people eat cake – yet remains true to herself. That may sound like a contradiction, but it’s not. Because if you learn to take care of yourself, it’s much easier to take care of others.

In any case, Jupiter makes a blessing of gold and nobody will ask if it was ok to buy the Céline coat AND the bag. Both are simply there. But self-confidence is the most beautiful cloak. Uranus, who repeatedly brings surprises, criticism of one’s own ego, and discomfort, moves out of the house of partnership in May after seven (darned) years and Jupiter moves into the house of self-value. Time for commitment and serious self-love! Keep it easy, though, and stick to simple routines – especially in terms of vitality and flow. And take enough time for so-called “female” topics, such as visits from “aunt Flo,” hormone checks, and everything to do with cycles, femininity, and the big, big “mother” topic. That’s what strict Saturn advises. You really don’t want any trouble with him. Especially not in your own castle.

Scorpio – The high priests with a blooming intuition for victory

Sun in Scorpio: October 23 – November 22, 2018

New Moon in Scorpio: November 7, 2019

Full Moon in Scorpio: April 29, 2018

  1. As a scorpion, with all those prejudiced outward traits (such as the stinger), you get it practically all the time and the poison precedes you. That’s true, too. But not always. It’s not something just anyone could handle when you, as the Scorpio, try to come to terms with the big issues of life and death in the moment between a smoothie and a chia pudding. Others take longer to travel so deep. Or they never reach it – not everyone is a mermaid, which is a problem that Arielle already had. She wanted to be a human being and, therefore, had one problem more. It’s best to stay what you are.

In 2017, and if we are totally honest, even the times before, was nothing in many areas. Lots of emotions, financial struggle, little clarity. That’s over now. It is okay to represent and polarize an opinion. 2018 will be a very lucky year. Of course, this is in every horoscope, but this time it should be true. The planets are well disposed to Scorpio and Jupiter, the planet of expansion and great happiness, arrived after a twelve-year journey (if you want, take a look at the years 2006,1994, and 1982 again for yourself). Jupiter stays until November 8th. It’s like an astro-jackpot, but it’s still no free ticket. Because, unfortunately, it’s never that simple. It would be nice, but also boring. Happiness must be taken into one’s own hands (in particularly fertile cases, even ON the hand, but that’s another topic) and embark on an expedition in search of the unknown, the darkness – where one is at home as a Scorpio. There are the treasures.

Jupiter in the first house gives a lot of pioneering spirit, fresh energy, and new resolve to venture into big experiments. No backtalk, now! Intuition is something like the crown jewel in the internal treasure box. You have to learn to see it as a flashlight and a great gift. And that’s how it is with otherness, which results in uniqueness. And from this comes the idea of a boutique, which can also be implemented in a relaxed and professional manner: No one is like you. It does not have to be a business, rather the idea of creating something out of one’s own person. Smart self-empowerment. Why play the supporting role when the stars are handing you the lead? The time is now! Well, turn on the flashlight: Adventure is calling. Your disco needs you!

Sagittarius – The turning point that brings everything to light. And brings light to all.

Sun in Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21, 2018

New Moon in Sagittarius: December 7, 2018

Full Moon in Sagittarius: May 29, 2018

We were all there when the lighthouses (which all of you born under Sagittarius actually are) blazed a little less bright between the end of 2014 and the end of 2017, then offered a light show once again and disappeared. No offense, but we need your light! The worst is over and quite honestly: You can’t grow more in a few years than you have in the last three. Not even as a lighthouse. Such a Saturn-karma package, such a spiritual supernova, is something you get every 30 years – maybe there were similar challenges and encounters between 1986 and 1989. Most of the time, you don’t come out of such years of master classes completely unscathed – you have a few more scars and traumas, but also a whole new strength. Since the middle of October, Jupiter has been in the house of letting go, of mysticism and mysteries – suddenly you can remember what you could do before. But patience is a virtue, especially for fiery beings. Don’t go snatching up everything now! A grandiose display of self-sufficiency would quickly lead to renewed exhaustion. Your new strength wants to be assigned well. As a survivor of Saturn boot camp, you should take it easy. All these deep processes can make you feel tired, like after a deep hibernation after trying out undreamt-of artistic talents, the realization of deep insights.

Maybe there are more questions than answers this year, which is ok. Maybe everything will go a little slower than usual, which is also okay. Plus: A cranky Uranus is traveling through the area of health, and that’s not somewhere you want to experience any surprises. Therefore, it is advisable to be a little more cautious than usual and to take precautionary measures – possibly even book one more yoga retreat than you think you can afford. And anyway, this eternal performance concept…that’s over now. We don’t really have to do anything. Just die. That sounds pretty stubborn for a Sagittarius, but it’s time to look from above, look straight ahead, and then perfectly shoot your arrows at the right angle and straight into the target. With calm hands and a gentle mind. Return to action mindfully. Quietly, sensitively, AND strong. Until the light becomes uniform again and the correct signals are transmitting.

Capricorn – Be alone and one with everything

Sun in Capricorn: December 20, 2017 – January 19, 2018

New Moon in Capricorn: January 16, 2018

Full Moon in Capricorn:  June 28, 2018

Capricorn is the MacGyver of the Zodiac – it finds a use for everything and everyone. Your social heart is big and beats strong, often even beyond your own boundaries. “But it doesn’t work that way,” said Mr. Saturn, and he ordered a huge clean-up job over the last few years. Lessons in humility and letting go are definitely easier if you approach them voluntarily. Everything that has stood up to review and renewal is likely to continue. The good news: Saturn and Capricorn are like secret best friends. And since Saturn will be like a kind of personal “no bullshit” trainer in its own house for the next three years, you can count on a few small lessons that will make the ascent easier – if you pause from time to time and enjoy the great view and confess your true wishes. The ones you might not even know about yourself. To stand by what you wish for is to stand on your own strong, beautiful goat legs; to see for yourself what you might still need, process it, see what no longer serves you and what can be left behind. With great love, and above all with dedication, one of the most difficult tasks we humans face. We live in the illusion that we are in control or that we can always achieve everything with the right amount of grain and willpower. That’s only partly true.

Even as a tenacious goat, it’s time to take care of that work-life balance thing, eat enough, look after the minerals and nutrients, and take care of yourself – even if you always do it so frugally. It would be a shame to arrive at the summit only to be simply too exhausted to enjoy your dreams.

The next three years will shape the next thirty. That sounds absurd but is a cosmic truth, and the more relaxed the approach you take to it, the easier it becomes. And don’t worry: No one is alone. We are all one and you can learn to ask for help. A cheerful Jupiter, for example, is there to help and make sure you can take it easy sometimes, even despite Saturn.

Aquarius – My new self, or: me, myself, and I

Sun in Aquarius: January 19 – February 18, 2018

New Moon in Aquarius: February 15, 2018

Full Moon in Aquarius: July 27, 2018

Being alone and remaining with oneself, finally not letting go of the common thread: That is the great task of 2018. It’s about inner reflection, finding out about yourself, and through that, being at home with oneself. Over the next three years, Saturn offers more than an opportunity to take researching yourself and others very seriously. A kind of cosmic reality check – factual, realistic, and unbiased. Where do I start? Where do I stop? Those questions intermingle even faster for airy water bearers. Strict Saturn will even allow pajama days – as long as you’re getting closer to your creative work and yourself. As long as you keep your appointments and deadlines. You could think about a silence seminar in the Himalayas to hear your inner voice.

The gentle winds of change and the scent of the new are in the air – but at the same time, it is also stability. For Aquarians, 2018 is a bit of a paradox. It is important to learn that a certain form of commitment can also set you free, for new goals that want to be achieved as planned, and for tasks that simply seem too complex. Hardly any areas will remain untouched and everything will serve only one, highest purpose: to grow and to prosper.

By the way: In three years, Saturn will be in Aquarius and the master class will be over for the first time, so now’s the time to get rid of everything that’s only causing unnecessary delay. Expansive Jupiter will spend 13 months in Scorpio and is in the tenth house of career, success, and public recognition. It will make sure that you also think of free spirits in the Hall of Fame, that you shake the right hand in the right place at the right time, that you wear the right dress, and your hair is in place – that’s Jupiter, our lucky planet. Without demanding anything in return, joy comes through the door. Be grateful so that it doesn’t fly straight out the window again. The most important thing is to set priorities: Instead of plunging into 27,569 projects, concentrate on one or two. It’s still about the big picture – becoming a better person.

Pisces – Into the coral reef of life. Panta rhei!

Sun in Pisces: February 19 – March 20, 2018

New Moon in Pisces: March 0, 2018 

Full Moon in Pisces: August 26, 2018 

The water can live without the fish, but can the fish without water? Only rather poorly. You don’t really want to admit that you need more than just air to breathe. I know. And there it is, that eternal inner turmoil that surrounds the fish. Left? Right? Why can’t both work? Or even straight up? That famous movie theater that runs in your head hasn’t made anything better in a long time. To drive oneself crazy, to doubt one’s abilities, and to only think of others as shimmering seahorses is super last season. The stars are also definitely in favor of bringing down old doubts once and for all. Jupiter is in Scorpio, also a water sign. This makes many things easier and, ideally, opens up curiosity. For Pisces, Saturn illuminates the ninth house of learning, curiosity, intellect, and globetrotting – so please learn something new, study, explore, and go swim in waters you don’t yet know. Undiscovered realms. New temples and new shores. Unknown coasts, foreign lands. Even the ancient philosophers knew that everything flows (panta rhei).

Life is a river – sometimes a wild river, sometimes a gentle one. It’s about riding the waves, learning and teaching new things. It’s all about connection, this magical moment that makes the human experience so wonderful and unique. It’s about creating longer-term perspectives and sharing them with the world. Even if you’d rather swim under the radar for a while longer…

Saturn, the eternal teacher and ruler of karma, is at home in the eleventh house for the next three years – the expression “friends with benefits” could hit the nail on the head. Here, too, it is a matter of getting in touch to ask for help and exchange information, to see what is still there, and where new paths can be taken. And one more thing: Four out of the five of 2018’s eclipses will occur in an area that’s generally to do with health. It’s definitely a year to get to the bottom of things. Healing, healing, super-healing!

This horoscope was born on the Red Sea a few hours after a super moon in Gemini, inspired by the wisdom of the Egyptian goddesses, and was completed in Zurich just before the holy night. To the best knowledge and belief.

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Alexandra Kruse

Alexandra Kruse completed her studies in Fashion Journalism and lost her heart to Elle Girl ten years ago. These days she writes from the heart and works as a stylist. Her work has appeared on huge billboards as well as in Vogue, Time Magazine, and numerous other publications. She lives in Switzerland with her little blonde son and her DJing, yoga-teaching boyfriend. Originally from a small German village she worked her way up the fashion ladder via magazines, department stores, and countless bars while spending a fortune on shoes and handbags. She finally found her love, luck, and light in Zurich and believes in unicorns, the power of crystals, and the magic of the moon. She loves to share her universe-approved stories.