Editor’s Pick: Jacquemus

©Maximilian Semlinger | Instagram: @maximiliansemlinger

Jacquemus is already bringing summer into our wardrobes with his current summer collection. Our favorite: the small, angular, yellow bag

The last few months have been exciting for Simon Porte Jacquemus. He egged on the rumor mill for months with the help of social media – hashtags à la #newjob brought on rumors of a new position as head designer at Courrèges, Pierre Cardin, and Céline. And it was a success. Jacquemus stayed in all of the fashion small talk conversations and became one of the “accounts to check.” It was only recently when he presented his winter collection during Paris Fashion Week that he revealed the secret: Jacquemus will soon also be designing for men. That’s what it said on the sweatshirt that he wore to go along with the applause. That Simon – he’s really clever.

But aside from his social media maneuver, the French designer has also created a mood over the last few weeks. His summer collection – which, with its sunshine yellow dresses, huge straw hats, and colorful earrings already had us dreaming of summer holidays during the runway show – is finally hanging in shops around the world. Working alongside director Gordon von Steiner, he captured this longing for summer and warmth and produced the short film La Bomba. “The idea was really about the feeling of being at the beach all day and then coming back to this party at night,” Jacquemus said of the vision behind it. It worked – so much so that when I see a small, yellow, angular bag, my “summer mode” gets triggered and I can see myself striding barefoot down the beach in a linen dress with exactly this bag. There are worse things.

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