Editorial: Veronika at Work x USM

What do you need for a good work atmosphere? A great team and great office equipment! In this editorial with Veronika, we take a look at the hey woman! space

My office is always located wherever I happen to be – I take care of 90% of my work while traveling, whether that’s in a car, the subway, a plane, or a hotel room. It’s always everywhere and in between. So, it’s no wonder that the hey woman! space is kind of like a holy pilgrimage site for me. When I’m sitting at my desk, surrounded by my colleagues and all those necessary little things (from power outlets which, as a vagabond, definitely mean a lot more to me, to unlimited healthy, and a few unhealthy, snacks and coffee) I call that my personal paradise. I’m not exaggerating.

That’s exactly why I’ve put so much dedication into the furnishings and accoutrement. Aware of my messy impulses, the main focus is on light, orderliness, and space. The classic desk, container, and shelving system with drawer storage by USM is exactly what I’ve always wanted. This dream has come true now that we’ve moved into our new, large office. It’s especially the chrome details that are my absolute favorites.

Miriam Marlene Waldner has captured what this all looks like in reality.

A close-up shot of the desk by USM with the Elephant Bag by Loewe, a Plexiglas box by Louis Vuitton, glitter nail polish by Essie, a knuckleduster by Chloé, and a nail base coat by Chanel

Desk and container by USM. Sunglasses by Acne Studios, a Plexiglas box by Louis Vuitton, glitter nail polish by Essie and a nail base coat by Chanel. Dress by Miu Miu, turtleneck by Uniqlo, boots by Ganni. Chair by Vitra

Knuckleduster by Chloé, pearl necklace by Roxanne Assoulin, lipstick by Dior

Thanks to its chrome-plated castor caps, the USM container isn’t just ready to use at any time, but is also suitable as a wonderful podium for floral decorations. Flea market vase, crystal decorated cardigan by Gucci (through Browns)

Turn off the lights quickly before lunch (yes, also the integrated shelf lighting by USM!) and go into a relaxed Downward-Facing Dog – in a wool dress by Totême, cardigan by Gucci (through Browns), with a headband by Miu Miu, socks by Paco Rabanne, and the Angel Sneakers by Eytys as well as a yoga mat by Chanel

Of course, the Queen has a place in the illuminated shelf compartment by USM so that she waves at us continuously (the mechanism is light-operated). Monogram case by Louis Vuitton, velvet Dionysus Bag by Gucci (through Browns). Sunglasses (from left to righ)t: Gucci, Stella McCartney, Alessandra Rich, Acne Studios, Margiela x Mykita. Elephant Bag by Loewe, and basketball by Chanel

… or score in “Will Gardner style” (from The Good Wife). Preferably all in pink. Turtleneck and shirt by Calvin Klein (through Browns), Basketball by Chanel

To go with the jewel among desk wastepaper baskets by Svenskt Tenn: the floor-length floral dress by Erdem (through Browns), sneakers by SSS World Corp (unfortunately these will only be online in a couple weeks, but are available at Selfridges and The Store until then), velvet Dionysus Bag by Gucci (through Browns).

Analog situation inspired by Faye Dunaway at the Beverly Hills Hotel pool in my office heaven. Elephant Bag by Loewe, a Plexiglas box by Louis Vuitton, glitter nail polish by Essie, a knuckleduster by Chloé, and a nail base coat by Chanel

Hard @work or hardly working – absolutely with rubber soles. These are by SSS World Corp, keyring by Loewe, chair by Vitra, and of course the USM desk will stay the course

The main thing is that the Janosch is hanging!!! My good-luck charm since time immemorial. Coat by Miu Miu, silk shirt by Bottega Veneta

Rack “Haller E” by USM

– Many thanks to USM for the generous furnishings! –
phOTOS: MIRIAM MARLENE WALDNER (@miriam_marlene)

Get inspired on the USM website or follow the Instagram account (@usmmodularfurniture) here.

Born and raised in Munich/Germany, Veronika’s professional career has developed from being a model to a fashion editor, to online luxury retailing and most recently style editor of Harpers Bazaar Germany. She currently lives in Berlin where in the beginning of 2015 she started a company with Julia Knolle, the ex-editor at large of Vogue Digital.
Oh, and she loves pugs!