Beauty Trend: Pearl Barrettes

© Franziska Steinle

Pearl barrettes are all over Instagram. Particularly lovely: the barrette by Simone Rocha

At the office, we are passionate about hair accessories. The undisputed leader in this movement is Julia Fricke. She sends me her inspirations here and there via Instagram DM (Laura Jackson again!) until I notice that the barrettes by Simone Rocha – which she used to present her Spring/Summer 2018 collection on the runway last fall – are now available online and popping up everywhere (cheers to selective perception and my obviously easily manipulatable mind). Resistance was futile. We needed to do further research and then strike.

In my opinion, pearl-studded barrettes look best with a jeans and white T-shirt look. But they also look great with chunky knits. I’m not yet sure how they will look in a long bob in the summer – without looking like you’ve stepped out of a kitschy romantic movie. But until then, the statement piece that Simone Rocha shared with Sarah Mower for Vogue Runway is still very appealing – it’s like the ornate clip lets you escape the everyday: “I had these china dolls with Victoriana dresses when I was little. (…) I wanted to make something innocent, playful, and naive.”

Playing with contrasts (hair done up, then relaxed and unassuming from the neck down) brings us great joy. And what makes life easier: you put it exactly where you want it in a matter of seconds and stays there until the end of the day, keeping your hair out of your eyes and looking chic at the same time. The only problem: once you have one, you want them all. We started with one, we’ll see where our collector tendencies take us.

Translation: Leah Morano

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