A personal invitation to she she retreats, by Albertine van Iterson

A very special yoga & fitness retreat for women founded by Albertine van Iterson and Alex Hipwell

I could go on and on about what “she she” is and what it means to me, but far more important is what she she could mean to you. If you are thinking about joining a retreat that might change your life, continue reading and I’ll tell you about this passionate project that Alex and I started four years ago in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains of beautiful Mallorca.

She she is all about bringing like-minded women together, exploring beautiful unspoiled parts of the island, and creating unforgettable moments while nourishing mind, body, and soul. This is a journey where strangers turn into friends. It is about women empowering each other, listening to each other’s stories, their past and future plans. You’ll be surprised how much you can very unexpectedly learn from someone. Alex and I are the perfect example: We could not be more different, but we complement and inspire each other in many ways.


What’s more, this retreat is a place where you can enjoy healthy, tasty food that’s as local and seasonal as possible. We prepare the meals in small groups while discussing the ingredients we use, why we use them, and (often more importantly) when you should nourish your body with each one. You will learn recipes and create new eating habits that you can implement in your daily life.

And although we will spend quite some time as a group, you always have the chance to just wander off, enjoy some relaxation time, read a book, have a dip in the pool, or take a stroll around the property of Son Rullan. The view from the mountain to the ocean is just breathtaking, and it’s more beautiful around every corner. Maybe you’ll decide to leave your phone inside the house and really absorb all this natural beauty while just being alone with your thoughts for a while.

But besides all the food for thought that she she offers, we also work out. So, get prepared for some challenging but super fun classes with state of the art trainers who I admire for their professionalism and adore for their personality. Be it a yoga and meditation class with Michaela or a sweat and mobility session with Alex, both trainers are known for having an immensely positive impact and will leave you with a long-lasting glow. Imagine that feeling of feeling great – and not just for the five days of the retreat, but long afterwards. The she she experience is one of a kind and truly an investment in yourself. You will return home feeling lighter, restored, and strong. And, more than likely, also with a healthy glow from that gorgeous Mediterranean sun.


It’s safe to say that I now have a number of kilometers on my hiking record. I have walked quite some tracks of the northern coastline and know how to get to some beautiful hidden gems – like the way through the forest, accompanied by the lovely smell of the pine trees and the view of the ocean, down to the rocky beaches with crystal clear water, where you hear little more than the sounds of the waves. It’s here that I feel truly free and I look forward to taking you there.

Hosting small groups is very important to us. That way we can give each participant the attention she deserves. That goes especially during training so that Alex and Michaela can really show you how to do the exercise right, guide you, and if necessary, correct you. We want these workouts to be powerful, effective, and help you to achieve your personal goal.

I am beyond excited to return to the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and host these retreats at my absolute dream location: the beautifully restored 13th century monastery called Son Ru, far away from concrete hotel chains, plastic beach beds, and overcrowded tourist attractions. It’s a place that is peaceful, inspiring, and surrounded by olive groves. Here, sheep walk freely and every evening a magical golden hour turns into a dramatic sunset that becomes more beautiful by the minute as pastel blue melts into bright pink and transforms into an intense orange until a fiery red ball eventually disappears behind the ocean horizon and a deep purple turns into dark night – a sky filled with so many bright stars that it’s almost overwhelming and you’ll want to stay up all night to count them all. But we have another day of adventures planned for you after the next dawn, so run off to bed and hush hush.

Michaela, Alex, and I hope to take you on this spiritual journey for the modern woman and welcome you on this active travel experience at the wildly mesmerizing Son Ru at the end of this summer. We will do our utmost to help you unwind and relax as we guide you in finding your new strength, balance, and inner bliss.

Your mind and body will thank you for it. That’s a she she promise.

Love and light,


Albertine van Iterson

22.09. – 26.09.2018
Yoga retreat with Michaela Aue

28.09. – 02.10.2018
Fitness and yoga retreat

with Alex Hipwell and Michaela Aue
03.10. – 07.10.2018

Fitness and yoga retreat
with Alex Hipwell and Michaela Aue


We also offer early arrival if you wish to come one day before the retreat starts and enjoy an extra sunset dinner with us.

Spaces will be limited for this Mediterranean island experience, so don’t overthink it and come chase the sun with us!

Women only. All sizes, ages, and yoga and fitness levels welcome.

For more impressions of the retreats please visit our instagram @sheshe_retreats or our website.

For booking details and more information please contact: shesheretreats@gmail.com