Yoga for Tension and Stress Release – Neck & Shoulders with Jenny Hirtz

©Rebecca Crawford

Yoga teacher Jenny Hirtz talks about yoga for tension and stress release, especially coming from the neck & shoulders, in her recent video

We are all familiar with the effects of a long day on our neck and shoulders. Typing on the computer, scrolling on our smartphones, and commuting back and forth, we slouch our shoulders forward and abandon healthy posture. However, our neck muscles react not only to physical strain but also to mental stress – when we are “shouldering responsibilities” and deadlines are “pain in the neck,” we are not just speaking in metaphors. We know that our minds carry our emotional stress, but our bodies do, too.


This yoga sequence will mobilize your neck and shoulders and release any tightness in the front body. Lengthening and stretching your muscles will have an immediate effect on your state of mind. So take the time to step away from your duties just for a short while. Your body will thank you not just with healthier, more graceful posture; your chest will feel wide and free, allowing space for deeper breaths, your energy will flow, and your head will clear.

This session can be done anytime, anywhere. You should feel an improvement in your neck and shoulders immediately afterward. In addition to this practice, try to be more mindful and aware of your daily posture. Look up once in a while, roll your shoulders back, and take a deep breath. Don’t forget to stay soft, be gentle with yourself, and enjoy!

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Jenny is a certified yoga teacher based in Berlin. She has traveled and lived all over the world, including; USA, Spain, China, Mexico and India. Wherever she goes, yoga is her faithful companion. She was trained in India under the guidance of traditional teachers, who instilled in her a profound practice, free from any judgment and competition. She breathes healthy living, balance, happiness, healing and elevating consciousness.