Yoga for Creativity and Inspiration with Jenny Hirtz

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Yoga instructor Jenny Hirtz shows us how to release our creative potential with hip-openers in a new yoga video series designed to spark inspiration

I came across Jenny for the first time via Facebook, she grew up in Munich like Veronika and is literally a friend of a friend. Because we love to sit on front of our computers for long hours in the office, we were looking for a weekly dose of yoga to strech out and wind down – after Michaela managed to convince us back in the days that this is the cure for almost everything. She replied promptly to my email and was with us ever since. We love her sessions so much, that we wanted to share this with a broader audience. So please meet our favorite woman on the mat:

Julia Knolle

Each of us know how frustrating it can be to feel stuck. Whether you are trying to get a new idea going or a strategy you’ve been working on just resulted in a dead end, sometimes your creative process grinds to a halt. What if I told you there is a simple but effective way to reinvigorate your creative muse?

The secret is simple: Get up and move. Try to forget, just for a moment, about the concept of feeling stuck; step away from your desk and step towards your yoga mat. Bring your full attention to the present moment, to your body, and to your breath. Feel the breath flow in and out and surrender to the serenity. Notice the release of physical tension and mental uneasiness – a calm mind. In this place of stillness and presence, creativity naturally awakens. Inspiration will come back to you once you stop chasing it.

Our creative energy is stored in our sacral chakra, the second of seven energy centers located along our spine. Sat below the navel, near the sacrum and hips, this chakra is the fountain of joy, enthusiasm, and sensuality and holds the energy that you need to be innovative and creative. By physically opening the hips we stimulate the chakra and release its powerful energy. Therefore today we will follow a compact and vitalizing practice, synchronizing breath and movements that focus on opening the hips.

As a final note: You might see the paradox of our work driven lifestyle, that spending many hours of the day sitting down causes tightness in the hips, which in turn creates an imbalance in our sacral chakra and therefore prohibits our creative energy to flow…

For this session, you do not need to be experienced in yoga and you do not need to be particularly flexible or strong. Just be there, listen, follow, and most importantly, keep breathing – consciously and calmly. And finally: Don’t forget to be good to yourself and enjoy!

For more Yoga videos and information about classes visit yoflaminga’s Facebook page here or her Instagram account here.

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Jenny is a certified yoga teacher based in Berlin. She has traveled and lived all over the world, including; USA, Spain, China, Mexico and India. Wherever she goes, yoga is her faithful companion. She was trained in India under the guidance of traditional teachers, who instilled in her a profound practice, free from any judgment and competition. She breathes healthy living, balance, happiness, healing and elevating consciousness.