Yoga for a Strong Body and a Clear Mind with Jenny Hirtz

Yoga teacher Jenny Hirtz knows how to get a strong body and clear mind – a yoga video to energize you for the rest of the day

A dynamic and invigorating yoga practice is perfect for your physical fitness, as well as for your mental wellbeing.

Whether you’re a fitness lover or someone who needs motivating to step into your running shoes once in a while, we all know the importance of exercise. Surpassing the ambition of a toned body, being active makes you feel energetic and balanced; it elevates your whole feeling of wellbeing, which encourages positive choices in other areas too.

Powerful yoga poses build a strong core, preventing back pain and improving posture. They increase muscular endurance and stimulate the digestive system, which promotes the detoxification of your body and boosts your immune system. And, yes, they visibly shape your body too! However, combining these poses in a dynamic sequence is not just a great cardio exercise. Flowing from one pose to the next – synchronizing movement and breath, your constant stream of thoughts ceases;  thoughts and worries get carried away by the rhythmic movements of your body and the melody of your free-flowing breath. You experience a playful exchange of strength and flexibility, stillness and vitality, tension and relaxation and ultimately the ideal balance – a dynamic meditative state.  

This session will give you a full reboot, an energized body and a fresh mind. Don’t evaluate yourself, just be the observer, be present and stay focused on your breath. Respect your own limits and feel free to rest at and any time. Repeat the practice regularly, observe the process and enjoy!

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Thank you also to the König Galerie for providing the space and to The Knots for the beautiful carpets.

Photography & Video: Rebecca Crawford
– IN Cooperation with Adidas –

Jenny is a certified yoga teacher based in Berlin. She has traveled and lived all over the world, including; USA, Spain, China, Mexico and India. Wherever she goes, yoga is her faithful companion. She was trained in India under the guidance of traditional teachers, who instilled in her a profound practice, free from any judgment and competition. She breathes healthy living, balance, happiness, healing and elevating consciousness.