Women We Love: Laura Jackson

From television and charity galas to her brand new cookbook Round to Ours, Laura Jackson’s infectious British humor and style make her a Woman We LOVE

I’ll never forget the moment I saw this “Woman (we LOVE)” for the very first time. It was last summer right after the Ganni show. I was Snapchatting and my awesome friend Naomi Smart from British Vogue had her in tow. Like Clint Eastwood in his wildest Western days, I didn’t lose any time introducing myself and held my lens on this beautiful being who possessed the most infectious laugh (aka the incarnation of British humor). Both girls had arrived late to their hotel, but under no circumstances wanted to miss the show. So instead of taking the time to decide which outfit would be the better one, she just wore two skirts on top of each other. Her name is Laura Jackson.

Once Julia (aka my hey woman! co-founder and colleague) and I realized we were equally in love with this woman, we jumped on the very first flight to London and drove to the far east to visit Laura in the home she had just moved into with her man and her dog. To call this experience charming would be an understatement. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tim Walker calls her up ASAP.

Now it’s time to watch the clip and find out about her projects and explore her one-of-a-kind style.

Aside from obviously getting caught up in multiple laughs, I learned all about the success story behind her time as a TV presenter and that she also co-founded (and runs) a food and lifestyle business called Jackson&Levine with her friend Alice (Levine).

Laura Jackson: It was about 4 years ago when I met Alice at a jumble sale, which is like a yard sale for charity. We all had a table set out with things that we were selling. She had a stand opposite me and we’d never met before, but I think we kind of knew who each other were through the world of television. We were chatting and making friends that day and swapped emails. And then she said: “I really love food. My mom has a vegetable garden and ever since I was a child everything was homegrown.” And I was like: “Mine was really entertaining – we always had people at home.” So we kind of started meeting each other for lunch and started talking about food.

I think since everything is controlled by someone else in television, we were thinking about something that we could get creative control over and it just felt like that project should be around food. So we started cooking for each other at home and were like: “Oh this is a great idea. Why don’t we extend cooking for each other to cooking for other people. Why don’t we start a supper club?” We didn’t know what that was exactly, but we did a bit of research and found a few people doing it.

We were just starting and didn’t know anything about it. But we thought: “Ok, let’s invite 20 people – friends, friends of friends – to come over for dinner. We’ll charge them £25 each and give them three courses and get pissed.” When we did the first one, we invited friends and friends of friends and just with a few steps we had people working at magazines, and they told their friends and so on. So it kind of turned into this big supper club thing.

We got a column in Company Magazine where we talk about food. It felt like the projects went nicely hand in hand with each other: Doing a supper club and cooking, we had things to write about. That column was on lifestyle and restaurant reviews, then we started writing for Elle and now we are actual editors doing one page per month for them. And this all resulted in a book deal about a year and a half ago. So the cookbook includes everything from table setting information to menus you can create for any social gathering, rather than just single recipes. We try to simplify an event – for example when your parents are coming over.

This very book will be available from May, 18th. And, no surprise, I’ve already pre-ordered mine.

This self-proclaimed jumper girl manages everything from raising money at charity galas to designing capsule collections for Habitat with such ease. So her answer to my last question made me laugh so hard I almost fell in the camera, which is exactly why we don’t have this on film. But I really want to share it:

Veronika Heilbrunner: What are you dreaming of?

Laura Jackson: World domination! (Laughing.) I kind of want a big show on TV – I love television. The book was a dream, but that I feel like we’ve already done. It’s really important for me to have a family and be happy and feel like I could go on a holiday or I could buy that dress from Topshop. Those are kind of my goals. It sounds really cheesy, but it’s true.

I’m pretty sure this will all happen soon, Laura. Good luck darling!

Pre-order the cookbook by Jackson & Levine here:

Laura Jackson & Alice Levine

Round to Ours: Setting the Mood and Cooking the Food: Menus for Every Gathering (Englisch), € 23,99 via Amazon

To see more of Laura Jackson, follow her personal Instagram account (@iamlaurajackson) here.
For more supper club and food related content, follow the Jackson&Levine account (@jacksonandlevine) here.

Photography & Video: Katinka Omir

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Oh, and she loves pugs!

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