Video: Professor Dr. Ingo Fietze on Healthy Sleep

Professor Dr. Ingo Fietze spoke about healthy sleep at the hey woman! x Casper event. You can watch and listen to the full talk in this video

Hibernation, springtime lethargy, daydreamers, night owls – there are so many words that can be traced back to one of the most important factors for our health, and yet that same thing often receives so little attention: sleep. At our joint event with Casper, however, sleep got one afternoon in the full spotlight. Because it’s a scenario everyone will recognize: Your appointment calendar is full, so you simply take the extra hours you had wished for during the day away from the night, checking emails before going to bed and waking up early to make the to-do lists. Then instead of being eight hours long, the night is reduced to a short five.

In addition to a cushioned “nap station,” a lunch, a masseuse, and an illusionist as well as hey woman! contributor and star fairy Alexandra Kruse, we also arranged with Casper to have a sleep expert come to the cozy apartment in Moabit.

(The video of the full talk is unfortunately only available in German, but includes information for and about sensitive sleepers as well as the three factors that promote good sleep)

Professor Dr. Ingo Fietze is director of the Interdisciplinary Center of Sleep Medicine at the Charité hospital in Berlin and has been working with the subject of sleep and its impact on health for more than 20 years. He provided our guests with helpful information and tips for a restful night’s sleep. Topics such as sleep types, sleep phases, and insomnia were discussed. He also gave advice on how long we should sleep. Specifically, “If you are between 20 and 30 years old, you should sleep between eight and eight-and-a-half hours. If you are over 30, seven-and-a-half.” Especially if you are travelling and need to get up while it’s still dark to catch your flight, he says you should be careful about sleeping for a certain number of hours. “Ideally, your alarm clock should ring after three or four hours,” recommends Ingo Fietze. Because that’s enough time for two so-called non-dream and dream sleep cycles to occur and the sleep to be refreshing, letting you get up feeling alright.

Über guten und schlechten Schlaf

(unfortunately only available in German)

Professor Dr. Ingo Fietze is a senior physician and has been director of the Interdisciplinary Sleep Medicine Centre of the Charité since 2005. He is also co-founder of Somnico, a private institute for sleep medicine, also in Berlin. He has published several books, among them the title Über guten und schlechten Schlaf (Translated: On Good and Bad Sleep). His most recent work, Die übermüdete Gesellschaft (Translated: The Fatigued Society), will be published in March 2018.

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Translation: Melissa Frost
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