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Our contributor Gloria was in Palm Springs and lets us in on her Top Five must-see spots

Even in the 20s, this small desert town magically drew in stars like Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, and Cary Grant. One of the reasons for this was a clause in the movie stars’ contracts that stated that they weren’t allowed to be further than 100 miles from Hollywood, which made Palm Springs the perfect place for them to relax on filming-free days.

After these glory days, however, Palm Springs became known as a notorious retiree paradise – but it’s made an unbelievable comeback in recent years. Models and It-Girls make pilgrimages to the Coachella Festival and Desert Modernism is once again on everyone’s radar. For anyone planning a little trip to the California sun, here are a few tips:

Roadside Attaraction: Cabazon Dinosaurs

Dinny the Dinosaur and Mr. Rex, two giant statues of dinosaurs at Cabazon Dinosaurs in Cabazon, California. The roadside attraction includes a museum of creationist history, a restaurant and a gift shop | ©Commons

Some may already be familiar with these two huge, walk-in dinosaurs through Wim Wenders’ wonderful film Paris, Texas. They were originally built in the 60s by Claude Bell to lure drivers to his service station on the highway. Sadly, today you’ll just find a Burger King in place of the original Wheel In Restaurant, but there is still a small museum and a souvenir shop – which, by the way, you’ll find located in the belly of Dinny the Dinosaur, as they call one of these beloved giants. In any case, it’s worth a quick visit – if only to use the fantastic backdrop for some legendary vacation pics!


Cabazon Dinosaurs
50770 Seminole Drive, Cabazon,
CA 92230
+1 951-922-8700 – Main Street & 10 Freeway

Instagram: @cabazondinosaurs

Lunch: Ace Hotel & Swim Club

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful backdrop for lunch than the pool area at the Ace Hotel Palm Springs. While enjoying hip delicacies like a Watercress Spelt Shiitake Salad, your gaze will wander over palm trees and off to the mountains on the horizon. The LA scene meets in this nostalgic 60s motel setting to relax, and of course to see and be seen.


Ace Hotel & Swim Club
701 E. Palm Canyon Dr / Palm Springs,
CA 92264
+1 760-325-9900

Instagram: @acehotelpalmsprings

Shopping: Yucca Valley

Between Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park lies a place that will make every woman’s heart beat a little faster: Yucca Valley. Here you’ll find an astounding selection of vintage stores bulging at the seams with secondhand designer pieces, dreamy macramé home accessories, and all kinds of great gifts. One of my absolute favorites is directly on the main street, 29 Palms Highway, and is called The End.


The End – Yucca Valley
55872 Twentynine Palms Highway,
Yucca Valley,
CA 92284
+1 760-418-5536

Instagram: @theendyuccavalley

Natur: Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is a backpacker’s dream with its mild winter climate and interesting rock formations, plants and wildlife. | ©Eric Allix Rogers via Triggerpit

Over 3,000 km² (1,150 m²) in size, this National Park is named for the type of yucca plant that grows everywhere there – the Joshua Tree. The oldest specimens are over 900 years old. Even though the park belongs to the top sightseeing attractions in the region and is visited by over one million people every year, you’ll find the tourist impact to be luckily very minimal. Some of the favorite activities there include hiking, camping, biking, climbing, and guided ranch tours. At night, the park transforms into something especially magical the air here is so clean that you’ll find yourself under a breathtaking blanket of stars.


Joshua Tree National Park
74485 National Park Drive
Twentynine Palms,
CA 92277-3597
Visitor Information

Instagram: @joshuatreenps

Hotel: Parker Palm Springs

Parker Palm Springs Entrance | ©Lacie Hansen

You’ll notice this hotel is something very special the moment you walk into the lobby. Jonathan Adler, who was responsible for the colorful renovations back in 2004, did a wonderful job and lent the whole property a super relaxed air of bohemian chic. The bar area is reminiscent of a comfy ski chalet with retro fireplaces while the winding garden will have you thinking of Alice in Wonderland. All in all, Adler’s design principle (“luxury with a wink”) makes for an unforgettable stay and guarantees you’ll be coming back.


Parker Palm Springs
4200 E. Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92264
+1 760-770-5000
+1 800-543-4300

Instagram: @parkerpalmsprings

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