Travel: Casa Cook on Kos

Our executive assistant Julia visited Casa Cook on Kos for a perfect Mediterranean short break. A review

It was the perfect vacation: plenty of sun, time to read a book in peace, delicious and healthy food and, every now and then, a jump into a “private” pool to cool off.

My day starts with a deluxe breakfast – especially when I’m on vacation. Luckily that’s exactly the order of the day at Casa Cook. Every morning I piled an abundance of pomegranate seeds on top of plain yogurt and garnished it with toppings of superfoods and flakes, accompanied by coffee poured from my own French press. Scrambled eggs followed as a second course, and then I went back to the beginning and started all over again – I was happy to linger on the restaurant’s terrace overlooking the sea. Lunch and dinner were just as glorious in every respect: Whether grilled octopus, fresh Greek salad with warm pita bread, or pasta with shellfish, there wasn’t a single thing on the menu that wasn’t exquisite. Finally, a nightcap at the bar with a view of the sunset over the open sea. Heavenly.

If you want to be a little more active, yoga, stand-up paddling, and rides on horseback down the long, sandy beach are also offered – all exactly to my taste. Afterwards, a quick trip to the in-house spa for an exclusive treatment and I felt reborn. If constant temperatures over 30°C sound a little too warm for all of that, you can indulge in sweet idleness at the side of the wonderfully large common pool or jump into the cool water of your own private pool in a junior suite instead.

Casa Cook Rhodes has been celebrated on Instagram and design blogs since it opened last year, and Casa Cook Kos is the equal of its big sister in every way: Stylish and modern hotel architecture and interior design with a touch of natural simplicity create an immediate feeling of warmth and well-being. This wonderful property and its discreet villas that blend into the natural surroundings is located directly on the beach and offers its guests pure relaxation. Natural materials and subtle tones exude a sense of calm, not to mention the gentle sea breeze that flows through the entire area’s open design. Suddenly, daily routine with its smartphones, laptops, and everything else is very far away.

Linen kimonos, beauty products by Meraki, as well as the sisal carpets, woven baskets, and kilim pillows all serve as inspiration for your own interior design back at home – and you can even buy many of the products at the concept store located on the property. And, of course: When it’s (almost) as nice as at home, a studio from Berlin – in this case, Michael Schickinger from Lambs and Lions in cooperation with Interior Designer Annabell Kutucu – is behind the ambiance. These creative minds have created an oasis of calm and relaxation on Kos where stressed-out city dwellers can spend a few days beaming in paradise.

Casa Cook Hotels Kos
Sikamini Str
Marmari 853 00



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