Top 5: Sustainable Luxury Brands

©Collage / Oriane Baud

We put together our top 5 sustainable luxury brands, including Stella McCartney, Edun and the Muzungu Sisters

Sustainability. It’s a term that’s always falling into your lap in different contexts. It originated in forestry, meaning only cutting down as many trees as could be planted to replace them. In other words: what kind of influence do my actions have on the environment, in the long term? It’s a way of thinking that’s become fashionable in the meantime and can be found in every industry. And especially in fashion.

As one of the biggest industries, the fashion industry has an enormous influence – and therefore an equally large responsibility. That’s why more and more labels are going “green” and trying to minimize their environmental footprint through various means. That includes the choice of production site, materials, and social engagement. The concept is holistic, so to speak.

Yet, “green” fashion doesn’t exactly sound fashionable. Without pointing the finger at anyone, and rather intended as a little inspirational push, here are our Top 5 sustainable luxury labels (we already talked about Reformation) that are fashionable at the same time. The smallest step counts!

1. Stella McCartney

As the pioneer, Stella McCartney has been establishing a sustainable approach in her company for years now – from production to the finished product, she and her team are always looking for ways to make things even more sustainable. That’s why she completely forgoes leather and fur and Emma Stone as Viola Davis seem to like it too.

Instagram @stellamccartney

2. Muzungu Sisters

Tatiana Santo Domingo and Dana Alikhani founded their online shop to bring together fair trade suppliers from around the world. Away with the masses – bring on the individuality. Surprisingly a few exclusive brands pop up on it that you already know, like Olympia Le Tan for example.

Instagram @muzungusisters

3. where Mountains Meet

Based in New York City, where Mountains Meet produces womenswear. “Our Woman believes in natural beauty and the power of clothes to do good.” And for that reason, the label produces its collections in the New York Garment District using responsibly sourced materials.

Instagram @wheremountainsmeet

4. Edun

Ali Hewson and Bono founded their label Edun in 2005 primarily to support trade in Africa through the production of clothing. The designs are modern and reflect the consensus of our time.

Instagram @edun

5. Kowtow

New Zealand label Kowtow definitely belongs on this list. Its transparent and environmentally friendly approach flows into its designs – which give friends of COS and & Other Stories in Scandinavia some pretty nice competition. And everything’s 100% organic, of course.

Instagram @kowtowclothing